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[DUEL] Fast Death - rainerzufalldererste - 09-10-2012

[Image: fast_death.jpg]

Fast Death
It's a small duel and dm map with very fast gameplay.
I hope you enjoy it! Have fun!

If the map is toooo boring for you:
r_fullbright 1
v_psycho 1



RE: [DUEL] Fast Death - Justin - 09-11-2012

Nicely designed, but I would reconsider the size of it. It seems too cramped. I will write bigger feedback very soon.

RE: [DUEL] Fast Death - rainerzufalldererste - 09-12-2012

Maybe should be just duplicated at the middle-area-thing...
like this:
[Image: fastdeathr2layout.png]

RE: [DUEL] Fast Death - Justin - 09-13-2012

As I promised, bigger feedback for you:

Too narrow corridors:
[Image: xonotic20120913113930-00.jpg]
And here:
[Image: xonotic20120913113954-00.jpg]

Your duplicating idea seems wise, hovewer: Are you going to merge the middle? (Its hard to say from your sketch)
[Image: xonotic20120913114021-00.jpg]

One way in, one way out. It seems extremly simple and well narrow again:
[Image: xonotic20120913114058-00.jpg]

The map is small, then players would rather grabbed every item with ease:
[Image: xonotic20120913114137-00.jpg]
I would avoid such itemplacement.

I can't tell you more right now, Im waiting for next version. Good luck with your map!

RE: [DUEL] Fast Death - rocknroll237 - 09-13-2012

Wow, this map really is tiny! I agree with Justin. Atm, the scale feels all wrong.