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Hi res space sky box? - MintOX - 04-27-2010

Can anybody point me in the direction of some nice hi-res space sky boxes? I want something different than the boxes that come with nexuiz if i can. I'll even take normal res sky boxes that are different.



RE: Hi res space sky box? - DiaboliK - 04-27-2010


They arent really space sky boxes I guess, but they are high resolution. You can try asking Cuinnton if he would be willing to make you one.

RE: Hi res space sky box? - Sepelio - 04-27-2010

I'd like to dump my need for a nice space skybox in here as well Smile

RE: Hi res space sky box? - Cuinnton - 04-27-2010

yes one will be coming when i find the time. It have the same looking stars like polluted earth, but with no planet and possibly 2 suns like alpha centuries. If there's anything in particular you want in the skybox feel free to ask Smile

RE: Hi res space sky box? - Hypnosekröte - 04-28-2010

http://gfx.quakeworld.nu/ > under "other"