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CTF contest map - Cortez666 - 09-24-2012

Here are some concepts of out map (which would win the ctf mapping contest, but we have mercy with you)


these are huge images so there are only links.

RE: CTF contest map - TH3FTB0T - 09-24-2012

VERY nice! You making map in blender or using ASE models?

RE: CTF contest map - hutty - 09-24-2012

so ... are these in anyway related to what kingshot posted at the beginning of the ctf mapping contest thread ... but the map for never materialized ... ?


RE: CTF contest map - Cortez666 - 09-25-2012

(09-24-2012, 03:32 PM)TH3FTB0T Wrote: VERY nice! You making map in blender or using ASE models?
Soelen is using blender for the models.
Heal(kingshot) and i are making the rest in the radiant.

(09-24-2012, 05:56 PM)hutty Wrote: but the map for never materialized ... ?

who said that?

RE: CTF contest map - Mr. Bougo - 09-25-2012

Well, it wasn't released, right? That's what hutty meant. It was a while ago, to be fair.

RE: CTF contest map - frostwyrm333 - 09-27-2012

how do you want players to move around? low gravity or jump jets?

RE: CTF contest map - [CCC]KINGSHOT[CCC] - 09-28-2012

Jump pads