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music comp! woooo! - chooksta - 04-28-2010


ok , so , heres the plan guys,

music makers plz register your intrest here.

other people , please submit sound samples here as well (must be gpl stuff plz)

dont spam the s,,t out of it too guys

i want around 10 samples (beats,synth,world,out of world , whatever)

when we have that the comp will start , then the music guys will have a week - 2weeks to produce a tune out of it.

style can be any , but if we keep within the space theme , then maybe the winners tune can have a place in the game.

so register now!

dont be shy now , its just for fun ok?

k go!


RE: music comp! woooo! - julianastein - 04-28-2010

I'm SO all up on this! I'll get some samples together and post them by tomorrow. Can't wait!

RE: music comp! woooo! - nifrek - 04-28-2010

Registering my interest here.

RE: music comp! woooo! - julianastein - 04-29-2010

Alrighty, here are my samples: http://drop.io/gmm1z8f

Am I all up in the right genre here?

Any more samples I make will be going on the same drop. Omp is down for whatever reason.

RE: music comp! woooo! - The mysterious Mr. 4m - 04-29-2010

K, since it's all fun and games, here's my junk

RE: music comp! woooo! - nifrek - 04-29-2010

Just wondering, are there any "rules"?

Like, do we have to use all the samples or only whatever we want, and can we use other samples that werent provided for the comp? ie: could you record voice or guitar tracks, etc. for your own song? (would all need to be released gpl when it's done of course).

BTW, I'll be adding some drum samples in next hour. Won't be super quality as I could not release the samples I've recorded with good microphones as gpl, but I've got tons recorded with cheap ones that I recorded in the last year in my basement that I have never used. They should definitely be tweakable to get decent result.

RE: music comp! woooo! - chooksta - 04-29-2010

hi , um yes rules , rules , well , none really , except one must use only samples provided , but i wonder if the samples are posted over 10...
gee ,. idk , ok look lets set it to 20 max , from the first post , down to 20 , any after that is excluded.

i guess who ever has made a tune should also specify which ones they have used.

hmmmm , k?

me plumber!


RE: music comp! woooo! - nifrek - 04-29-2010

Drum hits added at julianastein's link.

RE: music comp! woooo! - unfa - 04-30-2010

Fun stuff I see! Good training you finished have. Yoda should over you care take. Sabre with his. &*%#&#

Jokein' Big Grin Gotta catch em' all! I mean... the samples. If I find some time I will say I'am gonna play with you.
Lots of good samples are on http://www.freesound.org

RE: music comp! woooo! - chooksta - 05-01-2010

ok guys , we better clarify this , so

samples to be used are:
http://drop.io/gmm1z8f , julieans and nifreks samples


this is all you can use!

you guys have to the 9th! , so get crakkin!

here is my rough , yes! these are using the above samples!
dont forget what ya do with the sounds IS UP TO YOU!



RE: music comp! woooo! - unfa - 05-01-2010

Gotta make something tomorrow Big Grin

RE: music comp! woooo! - chooksta - 05-05-2010


hows it goin?

ya got this comp by the balls yet?


did ya even f,,kin enter?

ya did!!


very much respect!

but hey to the other guys that are unsure about joinin in , look , dont worry about how ya feel about ya music makin skills , this is only here to find guys like yaself and to encourage you guys to put your work out there ,
trust me! , i make lots of crappy tunes and only a few awesome people give it a small time to listen and comment , the rest will pick and say its crap , or even not listen to it , but i can assure you that people like me will listen and enjoy what you have made , and will also help you with any questions you may have.

so chill!!!

join in , but hurry ok , cos this one is running out.

make your self know now!

next comp will be on soon after , so break a leg , get off your ass , have a coffee , spash cold water over ya face , smoke crak (no dont) , and just give it a go!

or dont.....
dont do shit and be lame........
thats it , go hide in the shadows again
feels good , dont it?




RE: music comp! woooo! - unfa - 05-05-2010

Well I'am checking out the samples and it will be hard Smile and fun....

RE: music comp! woooo! - nifrek - 05-05-2010

Yeah I'm definitely working on this, but I'm unsure I can make the deadline.

RE: music comp! woooo! - unfa - 05-05-2010

Oh, 3 days left...

But I gotta make it!! GOTTA MOV MY AZZ, DUDE!

RE: music comp! woooo! - chooksta - 05-08-2010


ok heres my crappy one!

move ya butts guys!

also nifrek , if u need more time , then no worries , just make it as fast as ya can plz
then once all has been submitted , then we can set a vote 4 the winner
(i may require a nerd to help me do this , cos , ME PLUMBER!)

now i wait and have a ^3beer , then a ^1wine


RE: music comp! woooo! - chooksta - 05-10-2010

hi!, ummmmmmmm, so?
i guess more time?



given up?



plz let us know if ya need more time, and how long plz



RE: music comp! woooo! - unfa - 05-10-2010

I'am working on it Big Grin
Some more time would be nice. As the first one goes finished it will then be easier to make something for competition without streching the deadline...

RE: music comp! woooo! - The mysterious Mr. 4m - 05-10-2010

(05-08-2010, 11:19 AM)chooksta Wrote: http://www.mediafire.com/?4xmw2unghe3

ok heres my crappy one!


Nice one! Smile

RE: music comp! woooo! - unfa - 05-10-2010

(05-08-2010, 11:19 AM)chooksta Wrote: ok heres my crappy one!
I didn't try it beacuse i'am working on my own and I don't want to disturb my self Big Grin Gonna check it out as i upload my own track Smile

RE: music comp! woooo! - Vael - 05-12-2010

more time would be sweet. i just saw the thread and I have finals this week and next. i can have something shortly after that though.

RE: music comp! woooo! - chooksta - 05-13-2010

bloody hell....................

ok ,ok , look just post when ya can guys please , but hurry its not much of a comp if we keep delayin it.

so please hurry!

also vael, good luck mate on finals!

Big Grin


RE: music comp! woooo! - chooksta - 05-18-2010

so ummm . this comp still going?

am i the winner?




not finished yet?

ok , cool

but soon right?





My competitiusional preposisional piece'o'sound - unfa - 05-18-2010

Hmmm... can't figure out anything more out-standing Big Grin


Enjoy it or not Big Grin

Just you wait mister Chooksta! Big Grin

RE: music comp! woooo! - kay - 05-22-2010

Nice work! Big Grin