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Xonotic Quick Cup #13 (Duel) - Mirio - 10-07-2012

Hello everyone!

Yes, you've read correctly - a new Duel Quick Cup! Heart
This time it will feature only new maps (yes, Warfare is totally remade) and you can choose the maps for the cup!
So, please play the maps first before you pick your favourites (multiple choice). The 3 maps with the most votes will be played in the cup.
You can play the maps on the eXile servers!
The poll runs for 4 days.

Quick facts:
- 1v1 Duel (XPM)
- eXile servers (EU/Public, 2 or 3)
- Timelimit 10, no fraglimit, Bo1 [Semi-final + Final -> Bo3]
- Mappool: Warfare | Fe26 | ctxdm1
- Date/time: Saturday, 13th October 18:00 CEST (12:00 PM EDT; 3:00 AM AEST)
The date could change after some feedback (if it sucks for the majority).
- Admins: asyyy, Mirio
- Skill level: any

Just join #exile.xonotic.cup (IRC QuakeNet) if you want to participate at the given date. No registration somewhere needed!

gl hf

RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - Cortez666 - 10-07-2012


RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - asyyy - 10-08-2012

About map picking:
Bo1: cointoss decides who must drop a map first. After that the second player drops a map and the remaining one is being played.
Bo3: cointoss decides who may pick a map first. After that the map pick of the second player is being played. The remaining one is used as decider on 1-1.
Within a Bo3, the same map may not be played twice.

RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - rocknroll237 - 10-08-2012

Hopefully I'll be able to play this one. Smile

RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - Mirio - 10-09-2012


2 days left to vote. 4 days until the start.

RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - Cortez666 - 10-09-2012

(10-07-2012, 02:05 PM)Cortez666 Wrote: Bloodrage!!!


RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - asyyy - 10-10-2012

Everyone who is voting for warfare: I hope you realize that this is the new version without nex and different item layout? I've hardly seen anyone playing that one that's why I'm wondering..

RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - Cyber Killer - 10-10-2012

Quote:without nex
good enough reason for me ;-)

TBH I removed my vote cause I won't be participating in this one.

RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - Maddin - 10-10-2012

There should be a link to all maps for downloading/testing/previewing. Would clarify such things like Warfare without Nex. Wink

RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - asyyy - 10-10-2012

All maps are on the eXiLe servers.

RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - Mirio - 10-11-2012

Poll closed!
Mappool: Warfare, ctXdm1, Fe26

See you on Saturday!

RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - asyyy - 10-12-2012

Download: Warfare | Fe26 | ctxdm1

RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - Mirio - 10-13-2012

1 hour to go!!!

RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - Mirio - 10-13-2012

Great success, imo! Smile

4-5 hours of great duels and fun with 19 participants - thx for playing!

Results: http://challonge.com/xonquickcup13
Vods: http://www.own3d.tv/Holysh1tTV/video

1. ZeRoQL
2. fisume
3. asyyy


RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - kojn^ - 10-13-2012

Nicely run this one. Apologies for poor commentary but didnt know the maps hardly and was not feeling great. I hear Matuka did a job for the later games.

Congrats to ZeRoQL, impressive winning 2x bo3 finals (winner bracket & grand-final).

Good run from asyyy in the lower bracket to get to its final. Never seen someone miss a megahealth so many times on one map though! Big Grin

Worthy mentions: srkdy, bolwind atn & mirio for me for some great games.

Nice to see some new faces getting involved also, Draelor Sigma & mazzarini to name a few.

RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - asyyy - 10-14-2012

A big thank you to Mirio for helping me out with the cup once again and also to iNferno for streaming and Kojn and matuka for casting.

ggs everyone

RE: Xonotic Quick Cup #11 (Duel) - zeroql - 10-20-2012

Here are VOD's from Xonotic Quick Cup #11 - October 13, 2012