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darkplaces wiki down .... - hutty - 10-13-2012

It appears that the darkplaces wiki is down ....

although you can still get to it via the wayback machine


RE: darkplaces wiki down .... - Spaceman - 10-13-2012

The Redmine bug/feature tracker at http://dev.alienTRAP.org/ has been down for several months.

"Ruby on Rails application could not be started"

Oh well...

RE: darkplaces wiki down .... - edh - 10-13-2012

(10-13-2012, 01:50 PM)Spaceman Wrote: "Ruby on Rails application could not be started"

What derailed it? Big Grin

RE: darkplaces wiki down .... - Mr. Bougo - 10-13-2012

I found this: http://forums.inside3d.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4983

And this: http://archive.org/details/wiki-dpwikislipgateconstructcom

This last link appears to contain the history of the DP wiki in XML form, it could totally be restored from that.

RE: darkplaces wiki down .... - hutty - 10-13-2012

thanks for the xml history file ... the wayback machines version is not quite up to date and was missing the information I was looking for (dp_reflect)

info dump

<b>dp_reflect distort r g b a</b>

Makes surfaces of this shader reflective with r_water. The reflection is alpha blended on the texture with the given alpha, and modulated by the given color. distort is used in conjunction with the normalmap to simulate a nonplanar water surface.

<b>dp_refract distort r g b</b>

Makes surfaces of this shader refractive with r_water. The refraction replaces the transparency of the texture. distort is used in conjunction with the normalmap to simulate a nonplanar water surface.

<b>dp_water <reflectmin> <reflectmax> <refractdistort> <reflectdistort> <refractr> <refractg> <refractb> <reflectr> <reflectg> <reflectb> <alpha></b>

This combines the effects of dp_reflect and dp_refract to simulate a water surface. However, the refraction and the reflection are mixed using a Fresnel equation that makes the amount of reflection slide from reflectmin when looking parallel to the water to reflectmax when looking directly into the water. The result of this reflection/refraction mix is then layered BELOW the texture of the shader, so basically, it "fills up" the alpha values of the water. The alpha value is a multiplicator for the alpha value on the texture (set this to a small value like 0.1) to emphasize the reflection and make the water transparent; but if r_water is 0, alpha isn't used, so the water can be very visible then too.

<b>tcmod page <width> <height> <delay></b>

The texture is shifted by 1/<width> every <delay> seconds, and by 1/<height> every <delay>*<width> seconds. It is some sort of animmap replacement that keeps all animation frames in a single texture.

To use it, make a texture with the frames aligned in a grid like this:
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
then align it in Radiant so only one of the animation frames can be seen on the surface, and specify &quot;tcmod page 4 2 0.1&quot;. DP will then display the frames in order and the cycle will repeat every 0.8 seconds.</text>
<text xmlConfusedpace="preserve">Quick notes by LordHavoc (in need of cleanup and completion!):

All texture files are optional except for diffuse, a q3 shader allows additional options to be set but is not required for common materials.

== Replacing Content ==
Formats supported: tga (recommended), png (loads very slowly), jpg (loads slowly), pcx, wal, lmp

Usually you want to put replacement content in either &quot;id1/&quot; or another directory such as &quot;pretty/&quot; inside your quake directory, in DarkPlaces you can run multiple -game options at once (such as -game ctf -game pretty -game dpmod to have texture overrides from pretty, maps from ctf, and gameplay from dpmod) or multiple gamedirs specified with the gamedir console command (gamedir ctf pretty dpmod).