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possible bug - hutty - 10-14-2012

apparently the masked player model loses its mask when looking at its own reflection ...

unless you are looking with binoculars .... (the zoom key)

.jpg   bugshot0001.jpg (Size: 74.62 KB / Downloads: 98)

.jpg   bugshot0002.jpg (Size: 52.06 KB / Downloads: 98)

kinda strange ....

xonotic 0.6

RE: possible bug - s1lence - 10-14-2012


RE: possible bug - Mr. Bougo - 10-15-2012

Hutty, if that happens with autobuilds, please make your bug reports on http://dev.xonotic.org/ otherwise it will never get noticed and fixed.

Also give your graphics settings in the report, maybe.

RE: possible bug - rocknroll237 - 10-15-2012

Omg, they have faces?

RE: possible bug - aa - 10-17-2012

Wait, you dont want to say that... player odels have faces? oh no! will never be able to kill them again!! I was so sinfull! should become a pacifist... and qa hippy as well.... just in case, you know?

MAYBE THIS HAMMENS BECOUSE OF layers of mesh being too close to each other?polygons i mean. When they are close to eachother layrs can be rendered incorectly.

RE: possible bug - hutty - 10-20-2012

more investigation shows that it happens all the time when player is viewed third person ...

I believe it has to do with lod (i have it set to a very low detail)