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Trophies - s1lence - 10-19-2012

Xonotic should have trophies for rare demonstrations of skill. Kinda like quake's badges. Trophies only appear the first time the skill is demonstrated and are saved with xonstat.

I mainly suggest this because having announcer for each time something little happens (like triple kill) gets annoying. It would also make new players feel good.

Since each one would only be presented once they wouldn't be to obtrusive.

Some suggestions:
-when a player fires a rocket and then switches to nex, the rocket hits and they get off a nex shot (must happen at long range)
-kill enemy fc within a very short range of their flag
-killstreaks (perhaps killstreaks >5 can still have announcer)
-kill 3 or more enemies with electro combo
-deny an enemy FC a cap with rocket/laser
-some weapon streaks

what do you think?
also, how easy would this be to implement

RE: Trophies - hutty - 10-19-2012

We may need some account system in xonstat first ... seeing as when you switch computers (or start xonotic from my windows boot ) xonstat thinks you are a different person ... thus your hard earned trophies will be gone D:

more trophy ideas

-longrange crylink hit (all crylink bullets)
-getting a hlac (they are hard to find)
-frag 2 with one minsta beam
-achieve a very high speed
-dont die for a whole match
-win first place on a match of 5 or more

some easier ones could be used to help teach noobs how to play

- do an electro combo
- hit someone out of sight (around a corner) with a rocket
- ect

RE: Trophies - machine! - 10-19-2012

Well I like the idea, except that it should be integrated with xonstat, temporary trophies that show up after the match at the scoreboard should be cool!

RE: Trophies - Cyber Killer - 10-20-2012

Achievements - yay! ;-D
+1 for the idea
+1 for showing on xonstat (all earned so far + list of not earned yet)
+1 for showing at end of match (only the ones earned during that match, even the ones that were also earned in earlier matches)