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Xonotic Assassins - Ang - 03-22-2010

Xonotic Assassins (or XoA) is (or actually will be) a clan for Xonotic. I've played Nexuiz a long time back, and then hit on this amazing project and thought I'd give it a shot: Start a clan.

Not big right now, just me... lonely... but you know, there's always a chance I can build it up. I'm posting here in the hope that anyone would be interested in joining! (Obviously.)

This topic may sound a little 'amateur' or however you want to call it, but I am willing to take this professional and do my utter best to get Xa to a good standing in the community.

"We" generally take anyone; n00b or prof, because "we" are a clan that stand for giving everyone a good chance to learn the game, and move on in the community, getting a reputation.

So, final word: If you're interested, feel free to join. (Just post a reply here below.)

Again: not amateur! I've seen a lot of "wanna join my clan?" topics and questions in the time I've been playing games, and I am definately not willing to take the amateur side of the community!

XoA, Play 4 Fun!


[XoA] Ang
[XoA] Vael
[XoA] Antibody
[XoA] jacob

RE: Xonotic Assassins - PCLizard - 03-22-2010

Is this a North American? Or a euro?

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Ang - 03-23-2010

Doesn't matter what you are, as I said above, everyone's welcome!

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Silverburn - 03-23-2010

(03-23-2010, 06:08 AM)Ang Wrote: Doesn't matter what you are, as I said above, everyone's welcome!

I think it will matter once you get people who are so far away, their ping is over 200

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Ang - 03-23-2010

True, but in that case it still doesn't really matter. It's your own choice in which server you go. Tongue

But you're absolutely right, although that still would be up to the people that are interested (or may not be) in joining.

RE: Xonotic Assassins - harry_ftw - 03-23-2010

"XA" happens also to be the acronym for Xonotic Australia (previously called AussieNexers), the antipodean component of the Xonotic community. Hopefully this won't cause too much confusion...

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Erusavion - 03-24-2010

How about XoA for the Xonotic Assassins to cut down on confussion?

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Ang - 03-24-2010

That might be a good idea.. Xonotic hasn't even been released yet so that can probably be arranged. Smile

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Vael - 03-24-2010

XoA actually sounds pretty cool and it has a good asymmetrical look to it.

I'll join if only just to promote XoA whenever I'm on! Currently school and that MMRLRPG (Massively Multiplayer Real Life Role Playing Game) keep me from being too much of a competitor in tourneys and stuff. thegamethatmustnotbenamed and Xonotic are all about fun for me, and while serious competition is fun I'm much more partial to logging onto pubs and plucking away at people with my pea shooter.

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Ang - 03-25-2010

Ah what the hell, why not! Smile

[XoA] it is!

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Vael - 03-25-2010

Meow. Wink

(Sig test)

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Ang - 03-25-2010

Nice! Smile

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Erusavion - 03-25-2010

Glad to see my idea worked =) Glad to be of service.

Plus, it could be pronounced Zoa. The Zoa clan. Like Xena the warrior princess =P

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Vael - 03-25-2010

I already say it in my head as Zoa, but I'll leave that up to Ang's discretion.


RE: Xonotic Assassins - Ang - 03-25-2010

Well I know that American accents say the X as a Z, and European accents pronounce it like Ks. So for me that'd be Ksoa Smile Brings back memories of an old clan I used to be in for another game.. KoA, Kings of Arena's.

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Ang - 03-30-2010

Added memberlist. Smile

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Vael - 03-30-2010

*basks in the formality*

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Ang - 03-31-2010

We're small. But strong!

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Vael - 04-06-2010

Been listening to this:

RE: Xonotic Assassins - maxp00n - 04-06-2010

(03-25-2010, 05:14 PM)Ang Wrote: Brings back memories of an old clan I used to be in for another game.. KoA

Doesn't KoA stand for Kampgrounds of America??

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Ang - 04-07-2010

Ehm, and what exactly is that? Tongue

RE: Xonotic Assassins - od@r - 04-13-2010

Hello XoA team, brand new clan! Smile

RE: Xonotic Assassins - jacob - 05-26-2010

clan name sounds good, wondering if i could join,

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Ang - 06-24-2010

Welcome, Antibody! Big Grin

@jacob, sure you could join. Do you want to?

RE: Xonotic Assassins - Antibody - 06-24-2010

Glad to be of service!