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New Crylink secondary - rafallus - 11-07-2012

I'm not up to date when it comes to autobuilds, but I've noticed crylink's secondary got changed quite a bit, it's not as spammy now and much more ammo efficient than it was before.


RE: New Crylink secondary - machine! - 11-07-2012

I like it, but I would rather make the previous secondary more useful by lowering ammo consumption and make the primary have less anti-pull-force.

RE: New Crylink secondary - s1lence - 11-07-2012

I dislike it, the earlier state of the crylink could have been adapted to repace the hagar and still serve the same function in CTF as it currently does.

Now with this we still have no beautiful ammo symmetry

RE: New Crylink secondary - hutty - 11-12-2012

[Image: 3RR4Gk75TBzRbQ1C1ara17] ...

I like it ...

It matches the nexuz crylink better ...

RE: New Crylink secondary - Halogene - 11-12-2012

I'd like to know how it is different from electro primary. Does it do more or less damage, how much splash does it do, does it have a velocity impact on the target like primary has? I haven't had time to test this lately, so anyone who designed this function might like to enlighten me?

Judging by how it feels I like it.

RE: New Crylink secondary - machine! - 11-12-2012

It's slower and the shots spread.

RE: New Crylink secondary - Halogene - 11-12-2012

Do they really spread? Have to take a close look.

RE: New Crylink secondary - Halogene - 11-12-2012

(11-12-2012, 04:24 AM)Halogene Wrote: Do they really spread? Have to take a close look.

Ok I had a closer look now, it seems it actually has a little bit of spread but that's so low that it's hardly noticeable or hardly has any effect whatsoever. Projectile speed seems to be about the same as electro primary, could be it's a tad slower, but I'm not sure. Refire time is slower than electro primary. Crylink secondary eats two cells, electro primary four. It does more splash damage than electro (33 dmg if you fire straight down to the floor as opposed to 24 dmg with electro), in fact it seems to do ONLY splash damage. When hitting a target directly (head area), it does 33 dmg, electro does 40. When hitting the target at feet area, so with the floor nearby, the damage can go up to 48 with crylink secondary, whereas it seems to stay at 40 with electro. Electro primary seems to have a small push effect from the explosion whereas the splash damage of Crylink secondary drags you towards the one that is shooting.

The splash of crylink secondary is rather powerful, you can shoot the floor two feet beside the target and you will drag the player to that place. The crylink particularity that once one particle hits a target all explode instantly seems to apply also to secondary.

These are my observations, I don't know any numbers about crylink secondary.

RE: New Crylink secondary - machine! - 11-12-2012

Well, as I said before, this is better than previously but feels a little bit as a quick duct-tape resolution. If fixing the previous instead of creating a new one would be prefered(IMO), since this one may just introduce other problems...

RE: New Crylink secondary - freefang - 11-12-2012

I really like the change of the secondary. For me at least the pull and spread make it an ideal weapon to chase someone who is not in close range, which was something I did feel was lacking a bit before. I believe the crylink has become one of the most balanced weapons for me in terms of primary/secondary usage, so yeah, I like it. Smile