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[DM]Lethargy_final - Cortez666 - 11-07-2012

Update. A FFA and CA map.

[Image: 8g3v5vcdq7uq0a6y8zkt_thumb.jpg][Image: aemzm8m6qmcf5a7r9oa_thumb.jpg][Image: 8wa2j138yhouazi6tluv_thumb.jpg][Image: 8pd4nhcboifbv6pddx3_thumb.jpg][Image: 47gya200hx8axahppdj2_thumb.jpg]

7x Spawns

Health and Armor Pickups:
1x 100 Health
3x 25 Health
10x 5 Health

1x Megaarmor
1x 50 Armor
1x 25 Armor
8x 10 Armor


Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hl0iz5y3dfxcr5q/lethargy_final.pk3?dl=0

A quick dm map. ffa works. duel might works.

[Image: 67mpt8altezrd3st670_thumb.jpg][Image: omk8cuvodi7a6kgiar_thumb.jpg][Image: uw40mgi4xoqskkj06i3g_thumb.jpg][Image: cd8fy7tjhy43wy2aur8j_thumb.jpg][Image: aewcgeq763pcwvzkix8_thumb.jpg]

Download: http://ompldr.org/vZzZqOQ/facility123.pk3

RE: [DM]facility123 - s1lence - 11-07-2012

pics.nexuizninjaz has too much downtime, please use a different image host

Looks nice though.

RE: [DM]facility123 - -maniac|Su- - 11-07-2012

yeah ... had a tryout on server - seems to be a good duel map Smile

GreetZ Su

RE: [DM]facility123_b1 - Archer - 11-26-2012

Played this one in DM, was quite nice, haven't tried dueling in it yet though :L

RE: [DM]facility123_b1 - Smilecythe - 12-18-2012

Very simple, balanced and sneaky on minsta 1v1, I like it very much.

RE: [DM]facility123_b1 - machine! - 12-18-2012

Played a duel on it. It was fun, seemed very balanced. Since I didn't find any major anoyance I guess there is no really importent issues with the map, but I've only played one duel.

Good job!

RE: [DM]facility123_b1 - asyyy - 12-25-2012

Best looking map in the duel mapping contest imo. It should be an excellent clan arena map, and might be featured in an upcoming quick cup Wink

RE: [DM]facility123_b1 - Cortez666 - 08-29-2013


added it on the dev tracker so i hopefully will be included in 0.8

RE: [DM]facility123_b1 - Orbiter Sunblast - 08-29-2013

Though it is small in size, this map does have an appealing atmosphere to it. I hope that it makes it into Xonotic 0.8.

RE: [DM]facility123_b1 - Cortez666 - 09-20-2017

[Image: bz027hzct4tu94lhlot9_thumb.jpg]

RE: [DM]facility123_b1 - BuddyFriendGuy - 09-22-2017

Not sure why you posted this, but thank you -- I've had so much fun in this map over the years and didn't know you made it.

RE: [DM]Lethargy_final - Cortez666 - 10-03-2017

Update. First post.