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Fast hook server (like quake3) - wolas - 11-11-2012

I m old quake3 player and we had(have) such mod as quake3 hook. Its much faster than xonotic and at least for me more fun, its at first confusing, but later badly addictive I m writing here, because quake3 is sorta dying and xonotic is being developed so I hope this means new players.

It has "adrenaline rush" I havent played single game where you have adrenaline like that, only thing which limits you is how fast you can think.

Difference between xonotic hook is when you pull yourself you are not affected by gravity at all, also much, much faster. This creates insane gameplay experience. I played ~6+ years with few breaks, so warning its addictive. (most of quake3 hookers have similar year count)

Here is few videos. NOTE youtube cant show real experience... because of 30FPS. Hook is not instant, but very very fast, you have just idea how it looks.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLqw_RO7j8g watch this if you want quick preview.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTAtB9lpmMA&feature=related and this is sorta slow since against bot.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNhyV08Ifmo&feature=plcp this correct hook speed.

I bet its not hard to setup such experimental host?

RE: Fast hook server (like quake3) - rocknroll237 - 11-11-2012

No offence, but if we put something like this in Xonotic, no-one will play it.

It looks kinda fun, but no. Just no.

Anyway, welcome to the forum! Smile

RE: Fast hook server (like quake3) - wolas - 11-11-2012

I dont understand you. I dont ask to change all hook servers just add experimental server to see if people will like it.

RE: Fast hook server (like quake3) - rocknroll237 - 11-11-2012

Oh, sorry I didn't get you.

Okay, yeah, maybe you could set up a server, but the trouble is, if loads of Quake hookers come over here and start setting up lots of servers, it will make Xonotic look too, well hooky... Tongue

And that will reflect badly on Xonotic.

But if you setup maybe just 1 experimental server, then sure.

RE: Fast hook server (like quake3) - wolas - 11-11-2012

Badly? You are funny. Ok xonotic is not for us.

RE: Fast hook server (like quake3) - Halogene - 11-11-2012

Don't make up your opinion about Xonotic or the Community on the base of comments of a single person :o) sure someone will be able to help you set up a server for testing purposes. Xonotic is very versatile and there are lots of possibilities to adapt the game to your liking. If you don't get qualified feedback here, you can also try #xonotic at quakenet IRC. The forums are some times a bit slower regarding qualified feedback than IRC.

RE: Fast hook server (like quake3) - rocknroll237 - 11-11-2012

Sorry for not being more helpful, it's just your hook stuff is completely insane and... Well, I'm not a big fan.

But yeah, what Halogene said... Tongue

RE: Fast hook server (like quake3) - hutty - 11-11-2012

[Image: 3Kv8V65tl9fdXmVHJdok0m]

ignore rocknroll
your not the only one who got opposition for their gamemode idea (overkill got tons ... )

[Image: 3hns0l5G9DeqMCeJ3bZMRO]

If you want to set up hyper hook server feel free ... it looks fun ...

RE: Fast hook server (like quake3) - wolas - 11-11-2012

Ok I will look into configuration this shouldnt be much different than quake3.