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Xonotic Quickcup #17 (Key Hunt) - Debugger - 11-11-2012

As there are quite a few people who like to play keyhunt, we could get a tournament going.

- Amount of teams: 2v2v2(v2). If there are enough teams, we might be able to play with 4 teams per round.
- Games will be played on 'Unconnected Votable public server' (the server is set up for different keyhunt games; you can find it in the serverlist)
- Pointlimit is 1000, first time to reach 1000 points will win the round. After playing all maps, scores will be summarized. The team with the most points will take the first place etc.
- First round will be played in groups, best 2 teams of each group will play in the upper brackets; other teams will play in the lower brackets.
- Mappool: Subseatrack, Afterslime, Glowplant
- Date/time: Sunday, 25th November 17:00 CET
- Admins: Debugger
- Skill level: any

There is no registration needed for this tournament. You can contact me in this thread or on quakenet IRC #unconnected.xonotic .
However, I'd be happy if you could announce your team below (to make organizational things easier). If you have no teammember yet, you can come to #unconnected.xonotic nevertheless and we will find a teammember for you.

(Definietely) Participating teams:
[unconnected]: Debugger, SlyxT
PsyX Alpha: Archer, Pendulla
PsyX Beta: Spike, Diomedes


UB finals:
Winner: atn/Mossepo
2nd place: [CON] (Cortez + Sless)
3rd place: [sh] (atheros + naryl)

LB finals: TBA

RE: Xonotic Quickcup #15 (Keyhunt) - machine! - 11-11-2012

Oh cool, I'll participate if I can! Big Grin

RE: Xonotic Quickcup #15 (Keyhunt) - kojn^ - 11-12-2012

I will be interested in playing this if i'm about, will be fun.

RE: Xonotic Quickcup #15 (Keyhunt) - Mirio - 11-12-2012

(11-11-2012, 03:22 PM)Debugger Wrote: - Amount of teams: 2v2v2(v2). If there are enough teams, we might be able to play with 4 teams per round.

Does not that depend on the map settings? I think you can not set the amount of teams.

Why only subseatrack? :o

RE: Xonotic Quickcup #15 (Keyhunt) - Debugger - 11-13-2012

No, the amount of teams is NOT mapdependant.

Playing one map only makes everything easier (as there is no addition of points needed, for example). We could think about playing on 2 or 3 maps as well, points of the teams have to be summarized then to get the winning team of a group.

RE: Xonotic Quickcup #15 (Keyhunt) - Finko - 11-23-2012

I probably will play with Draelor, but i play keyhunt only with bots Big Grin

RE: Xonotic Quickcup #15 (Keyhunt) - kojn^ - 11-23-2012

(11-23-2012, 02:27 AM)Finko Wrote: I probably will play with Draelor, but i play keyhunt only with bots Big Grin

Wait, that means Draelor is a bot? Big Grin

RE: Xonotic Quickcup #15 (Keyhunt) - Finko - 11-23-2012

Sure, but it still need fix some bugs Big Grin

RE: Xonotic Quickcup #15 (Keyhunt) - Debugger - 11-23-2012

It would be nive to know how many teams participate in this tournament.
Afaik [sh] might come up with 2 teams as well as Finko and Draelor and some single players.

The problem is that it doesnt really make sense to organize this tourney with less then 7 or 8 teams (which would be the ideal amout, 6 teams would be ok). Please let me know about this so this tourney can happen.

EDIT: changed starting time of the tourney to 17:00 CET.

RE: Xonotic Quickcup #15 (Keyhunt) - Debugger - 11-25-2012

Thanks to everyone who participated in the cup, we had some nice games! Sorry about the bad organization, it was very chaotic at some times and I wasnt able to watch the finals.

However, here is the updated post with the results of the tournament:
According to tdm elos, I made two groups out of the 7 teams who participated:

Group 1: TDM Elo (total)
atn + Mossepo 608
PsyX Alpha (Archer+Pendulla)392
[CON] (Cortez+Sless)356
PsyX Beta (Spike+Diomedes)255
Group 2: TDM Elo (total)
[CF] (Finko+Draelor)503
[unconnected] (Debugger+SlyxT)387
[sh] (atheros+naryl)276

Group Stage Results:
Maps played: Subseatrack, Afterslime, Glowplant

Group 1: Points: |Group 2: Points:
atn + Mossepo 1542|[CF] 2734
PsyX Alpha 1218|[unconnected] 1193
[CON] 2351|[sh] 1634
PsyX Beta 1487|

Division into Upper and Lower Brackets after group stage:

Upper Brackets:
[sh], [CF], [CON], atn + Mossepo
Lower Brackets:
[unconnected], PsyX Alpha, PsyX Beta

For the final games, every team was allowed to pick the map they wanted to play on.
Higher Brackets Results:
|[sh] |[CF] |[CON] |atn + Mossepo
Mappicks: | | | |
[sh]: Afterslime |20|37|348|1289
[CF]: Atelier |53|67|1000|689
atn/Mossepo: Stormkeep |357|109|404|1050
[CON]: Subseatrack |669|70|56|1009
In total: 1099 283 1808 4037

So after some games, I can happily announce the Upper-Brackets winner of the quickcup #15 (keyhunt)!
#1: atn + Mossepo
#2: [CON] (Cortez + Sless)
#3: [sh] (atheros + naryl)
#4: [CF] (Finko + Draelor)

Lower Brackets Results:


RE: Xonotic Quickcup #15 (Keyhunt) - Finko - 11-26-2012

My suggestions for the next cup: better map pool, no 2v2v2v2 only 2v2v2, and good organization (no offence Debugger Wink ). In summary, key hunt is very fun mode, and i will participate i next key hunt event with pleasure.