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enabling picmap - syluxman2803 - 11-17-2012

im new at this, and ive been scouring the config menu, but i cant find where to enable pic map. any help here?

RE: enabling picmap - Maddin - 11-17-2012

gl_picmip_world 1337
and then restart the renderer:

RE: enabling picmap - s1lence - 11-17-2012

to clarify, you type this in the console. which can be opened by pressing the "`" key.

RE: enabling picmap - syluxman2803 - 11-17-2012

thanks! (oh, am i glad this game has a console, i hate pc games that don't have one!)
1 more question. i can turn this off by setting the cvar to "0"?

RE: enabling picmap - s1lence - 11-17-2012

yes: 0 is no additional compresssion, and negative values will reduce picmip on textures that come picmiped by default (but i don't think any textures currently do this).

There should also be a command to get the description of a given cvar, but I can't figure it out Big Grin
(although you can find a description of any cvar through the graphical cvar editor, by going to settings>misc>advanced settings...)

RE: enabling picmap - Maddin - 11-17-2012

Do get information about the cvar just start typing in the first letters (like 'gl_picmip') in the console and press TAB. It will list the matching commands and shows information about them.

RE: enabling picmap - Mr. Bougo - 11-17-2012

Or use the apropos command in the console. apropos picmip will list every cvar and command that contains picmip in its name or description. But don't spell it picmap Tongue

RE: enabling picmap - rocknroll237 - 11-17-2012

Will putting 'apropos' in front of any word work in the same way?

RE: enabling picmap - Mr. Bougo - 11-17-2012

Of course. Look at the command's description: type apropos and press tab.