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[DUEL]RAWK! - InsaneKid - 12-01-2012

This is my contriubtion to the Duel-Map-Contest!
It should become a BIG BANG,
but it will stay a quiet puff, I fear! Blush

It is a space map
for DOMINATION in 1on1!

[Image: ksm2fuwc1kyq.jpg]


RE: RAWK! - Chomps123 - 12-02-2012

Why dose the pic look like the map it on fullbright?

Otherwise it looks nice...I'll check it out.

RE: RAWK! - InsaneKid - 12-02-2012

more screenies (from Q3!)
[Image: khngzxa5rmof.jpg]

[Image: 5y2e7h3lgvdt.jpg]

[Image: os3vsr9g7p.jpg]

RE: [DUEL]RAWK! - InsaneKid - 12-02-2012

*** UPDATED! ***

+ added missin shader!!!

RE: [DUEL]RAWK! - DarkSlayer - 12-02-2012

is this a serious map? its for quake 3 and was submitted after the deadline...

just tested the map- missing textures and music that isn't open source. Are the textures open source or quake 3 ones?

RE: [DUEL]RAWK! - Cortez666 - 12-02-2012

(12-02-2012, 06:37 AM)DarkSlayer Wrote: just tested the map- missing textures and music that isn't open source. Are the textures open source or quake 3 ones?

thats quake stuff, im certain that it isnt open source

RE: [DUEL]RAWK! - machine! - 12-02-2012

Does it run in Id Tech 3 on the screenshot? Or is it Xonotic with Quake models?

RE: [DUEL]RAWK! - asyyy - 12-02-2012

Is this map 100% GPL?

RE: [DUEL]RAWK! - Justin - 12-02-2012

I don't like that the textures are so strached (especially Xonotic logo). There are some missing trextures (weapon indicators).
The idea is good, although you didn't use all the potential of it. Also some structures are completly useless (like stairs around the ramp). The middle is confusing. Whats supposed to happen when Im standing on the arrow?
Adding teleports (seems randomly) makes map a bit confusing. Its easy to fall of the map, because launch pads boost you so strong.

RE: [DUEL]RAWK! - hutty - 12-06-2012

its not that easy to fall off ... I find the juppads pretty fun ... except I keep hitting the little lights on the ceiling ...

I downloaded it from the first post ... and half the textures were missing ... the rest looked like they came strait from quake ...
(note ... i do not have the highres hub texture set installed ...)

not sure what the arrow is for either ...

RE: [DUEL]RAWK! - InsaneKid - 12-07-2012

The arrow marks the DomPoint!
It is fully workin on q3 (in 1on1):
You need to occupy the domPoint
for a few seconds to score!

I will make an update soon!
Then I wanna replace textures for Xonotic!

Maybe I can add a xonotic-domPoint!?
Will it work, too?

Gretz, kid.

RE: [DUEL]RAWK! - hutty - 12-07-2012

xonotic does not support dom points (as far as i know ... )

you could make it a trigger heal or something though ...

RE: [DUEL]RAWK! - Cortez666 - 12-07-2012

(12-07-2012, 12:45 PM)hutty Wrote: xonotic does not support dom points (as far as i know ... )

Thats wrong.

if you dont place DOM points you wont be able to add domination support

RE: [DUEL]RAWK! - hutty - 12-09-2012


I meant dom points in regular deathmatch ...

if we were playing 1v1 domination ... then ... yeah ...
(although nobody seems to play dom around here ...)

RE: [DUEL]RAWK! - s1lence - 12-09-2012

(12-09-2012, 12:05 AM)hutty Wrote: although nobody seems to play dom around here ...

I don't know why everybody seems to hate dom, but i will play with you hutty... i like it....

RE: [DUEL]RAWK! - InsaneKid - 12-10-2012

*** UPDATED! ***

Maybe u can add domPoints for 1on1 in future! Wink
I guess, i will add smth else (like a heal spot) for 1on1
and place a domPoint there for TDM/DOM!

Im quite busy,
tryin to make a xMas-fragFest-map,
lookin for xMas-presents and doin other stuff!

If u dont have a xMas-present yet, look for a book:
"Sweet&Easy, Enie bakes" (i wanna buy it too, if i can find it)! Tongue