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RE: Which OS do you prefer? - Lee_Stricklin - 05-03-2010

Funny how that is measuring MARKET SHARE. In my opinion market share will never truly measure which OS is actually being used the most. One screwed statistic says that Mac OS X is more used than Linux, I'm pretty sure that's a lie because I've seen FAR more Linux users around me than Mac ones.

RE: which OS you prefer? - hellmind - 05-04-2010

I use windows. I tried out ubuntu for a while and loved it... the only problem is that I have one computer and installing 2 OS's on 2 partitions is a pain, I also play a lot of windows specific games.

I currently have a half broken copy of sabayon on a second partition but am to lazy to try and get it to work, if I had a second computer though I would put ubuntu on it without a second thought.

RE: Which OS do you prefer? - clanclanclan - 05-04-2010

I can't see how mobile operating systems (in the first link) could have a "market share" as they are not in the same market as desktop OSes.

RE: Which OS do you prefer? - Vael - 05-04-2010

all really, always something new to learn

RE: which OS you prefer? - Exitium - 05-09-2010

Arch Linux is propably the best Linux distro I have ever used. It's just pure awesomeness.

However, I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 64bit on my desktop right now, because I accidentally rm -rf'ed the wrong directory a couple of moths ago -> the whole Arch said goodbye. Big Grin After this accident I installed Ubuntu because I was too lazy to reconfigure Arch (yeah, getting Arch working needs a bit work, it's the geek-distro). And it seems that the next distribution on my computer is Chakra Linux (based on Arch, but more user-friendly).

And I dualboot Win7 for some games. :/ But I don't like Windows as an operating system at all. It's antiquated system.

RE: which OS you prefer? - PinkRobot - 05-13-2010

Windows Vista on my laptop, because it came with it. I'm not hating it as much as I thought I would after a couple of years on Linux, though it's astounding how much extra software you need to get some basic stuff that is on most Linux distro's by default. I bought UltraMon for example, to even get close to having the same kind of multi monitor functionality. And even sticking certain windows to the top of my screen seems to need a seperate utility. If Windows was a Linux distro, it would die out within months, if not weeks Smile

And I ran a persistent Arch Linux on a USB stick on my server PC, until I did something stupid by deleting it Sad

RE: which OS you prefer? - tZork - 05-13-2010

Xenix Wink

RE: which OS you prefer? - Stealth - 05-13-2010

Linux here.

RE: which OS you prefer? - NetMassimo - 05-21-2010

I installed Ubuntu Lucid Lynx on my new PC though I plan to try Mint 9 Isadora and possibly the next Mandriva version when it gets published.

RE: which OS you prefer? - clanclanclan - 05-25-2010

I use Windows XP on one computer (no, I'll never buy another M$ product again) and Arch Linux on the other.

Going from Ubuntu to Arch was ridiculously good, you just have so much control over everything and they have wonderful forums where your voice isn't drowned out by the constant noise. Mmmm, I can smell that rolling release distro goodness now....

RE: which OS you prefer? - divVerent - 05-25-2010

Why is this not a poll, and why did nobody mention Emacs yet? Wink

Personally: Ubuntu x86_64, but any other Linux may replace it in the future. Too bad there is no way to evade Shuttleworth's madness by choosing another distro, as it gets into upstream GNOME anyway.

RE: which OS you prefer? - Halogene - 05-25-2010

In the order of preference and estimated usage statistics:

<joke> Nexuiz OS. Big Grin </joke>
Ubuntu 10.4
Mac OS 10.5.8
Kubuntu 10.4
Windows XP

Apart from that: Ubuntu Server 10.4

Oh, and Emacs is very cool as well, but I didn't figure out how to install Nexuiz nor Xonotic in Emacs yet so it isn't really an option.

RE: which OS you prefer? - Daphron - 05-25-2010

arch x86_64. Nice simple OS. Very fast (causing me problems with that though. Amazing how slow ANY other computer feels in comparison) Pacman and AUR are nice and brought my distro hopping to an end. (Trying to get the rest of my family to use linux will start it back up though, they aren't going to like arch...)

EDIT: Woot! Arch has a larger # of users here then on most forums.

RE: which OS you prefer? - Ulrich - 06-06-2010

Windows XP

RE: Which OS do you prefer? - Ulrich - 06-06-2010

Windows XP, but I want to get a Solaris.

btw, Solaris is free now.

RE: Which OS do you prefer? - Mr. Bougo - 06-07-2010

Merged the two "which OS do you prefer" threads together

RE: Which OS do you prefer? - FruitieX - 06-07-2010

Why do I find this poll biased? (windows users are too lazy to vote, linux users will go ZOMG OS POLL lets make linux win!)

RE: Which OS do you prefer? - Calinou - 06-09-2010

I use Linux and prefer it Smile
Windaube is nothing and paid.

RE: Which OS do you prefer? - Lee_Stricklin - 06-09-2010

Windows made me pull my hair out for about a decade, Ubuntu put some fun back into my computing experience.

RE: Which OS do you prefer? - edh - 06-13-2010

Arch Linux x86-64. Yes, as mentioned before settings things up initially can take some time so it is worth backing up config files before trying any reinstall as it may save you some time. Once running it works brilliantly, even my Mum uses Arch! Mostly just because I set it up for her though...

Much less brokenness than Gentoo where seemingly every time you do emerge you find that there are some dependency issues and you have to change your use flags or your cflags are too aggressive for a specific package and cause it to crash every time.

If I do want to build from source then I can and Xonotic-git is in AUR too!

RE: Which OS do you prefer? - subsonik - 11-15-2010

Debian Squeeze 64bit....
Free as in Freedom!!!

RE: Which OS do you prefer? - PGP_Qz - 11-16-2010

* PGP_Qz like the troll

For Desktop or laptop I prefer
- Mac OS for work, gaming and everyday life Smile (developer inside)
- I use backtrack sometimes for work.

For Servers
- I like debian-based distro

For Mobile
- iOS

no microsoft OS still the virtual machine progress.

RE: Which OS do you prefer? - Creation - 11-17-2010

I have a dual boot system Windows 7 / openSUSE 11.2, but only openSUSE is actively used, even for games like nexuiz/xonotic.
For me openSUSE is much better than windows Big Grin

RE: Which OS do you prefer? - Hellgardia - 11-17-2010

I use both Linux and Windows 7 on my daily work and since there are some games that don't work properly under Linux, i chose Windows.
However, with a better program compatiblity i would choose Linux hands down xD


RE: Which OS do you prefer? - BARTUC - 11-28-2010

Windows on my 2 pc but probably i will use in future Debian in my second partition