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Happy New Year 2013 - -maniac|Su- - 12-31-2012

after surviving doomsday 2012 I wish all members here:

Happy New Year 2013 .... Big Grin

cu in game

GreetZ Su

RE: Happy New Year 2013 - Finko - 12-31-2012

Yay, more frags and less lags in new year!

Happy New Year! - aa - 12-31-2012

My dear forum-mates, I would like to congraatulate you on a very rich and productive year of development aand wish you a very
Happy New Year,
I wish you to aachieve more goaals the next yeaar, reach new peeeks, score higher aand work towards the ultimaate goal of free, open source, bright future!

I wish you success in your own personal lives and let we all be Xonotic !!!

RE: Happy New Year 2013 - frostwyrm333 - 12-31-2012

I'm looking forward to fragging you in 2012

RE: Happy New Year 2013 - Mr. Bougo - 12-31-2012

(12-31-2012, 09:44 AM)frostwyrm333 Wrote: I'm looking forward to fragging you in 2012

Better hurry up then.

RE: Happy New Year 2013 - rocknroll237 - 12-31-2012

Hope everyone has a great 2013!

RE: Happy New Year 2013 - stdi - 12-31-2012

Happy new year fellow players!

In 2012 I discovered Xonotic, I hope in 2013 I'll dive deeper into the community and contribute to the project!

New year resolution: beat FOXYjouk in a ctf 1on1 ! Big Grin

RE: Happy New Year 2013 - s1lence - 12-31-2012

Happy new year all!

New years resolutions: beat galtath in a duel, sort out my keys so xonstat starts tracking me again.

RE: Happy New Year 2013 - zykure - 12-31-2012

Happy New Year 2013!

to all of you!

RE: Happy New Year 2013 - Justin - 12-31-2012

[Image: HNY.jpg]

Image says it all Big Grin

RE: Happy New Year 2013 - kammy - 12-31-2012

Happy new year everyone!

RE: Happy New Year 2013 - tZork - 12-31-2012

As the remits of yet another putrid year slither towards its inescapable demise, the last shivering seconds of it lingering; like the last suborn strand of hair upon a long dead skull. Now that's over - Happy new year! scnr

RE: Happy New Year 2013 - hutty - 01-01-2013


[split] Happy New Year! - chooksta - 01-01-2013

happy new year guys , may this year be safe and fun for ya all!

please spend some time promoting the game and help find new players too , ya could make some cool vids about the game and get em on youtube , maybe learn to build maps for us all to play ,even make some music for the game too! Smile

dont forget to go on a little world tour of the servers and meet other players and stuff Big Grin

community ftw!

<3 u guys



RE: Happy New Year 2013 - chooksta - 01-01-2013

new years resolution: get more tunes added to game (from the guys who have submitted , then vote on them ,DIVVERENT!!!! ) Tongue
get a vid making nerd to make a cool little movie that shows funny in game stuff , with tunes from music thread for all music Smile

and if i work really hard..

RETAKE THE REP LEAD FROM MR BOUGO! (he deserves his lead , so helpfull , friendly , but we all know that anyways )

oh and to figure how i show my game stats because this below isnt genuine (shocking isnt it)
help mr bougo!



RE: Happy New Year 2013 - Mr. Bougo - 01-01-2013

chooky: just insert this in your sig:
or, for the smaller version,
Replace YOURPLAYERID with your player ID that's in your XonStat page URL.

(As seen in this thread: Introducing Player Badges)

Also, you look silly now that I merged your two posts in the same thread Tongue

RE: Happy New Year 2013 - chooksta - 01-01-2013

thanks for help mate,

and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

but yer , i hope we can get more people to help this year mate.



RE: Happy New Year 2013 - bitbomb - 01-01-2013

Happy new year everyone! 2013 is going to be a good year for Xonotic, I can feel it in mah bones!

RE: Happy New Year 2013 - Smilecythe - 01-02-2013

New year's resolution, less whiskey while playing Xonotic from now on.

RE: Happy New Year 2013 - Nodenum - 01-02-2013

...starts with trouble
(Sorry, couldn't resist, I just love these guys.)

Happy new year!