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XonStats on XDF (CTS) server? - -maniac|Su- - 01-04-2013

hi peepZ

it.s me again with some bugging questions: Tongue

Did it make any sense to add:
set "g_playerstats_uri" "http://stats.xonotic.org/stats/submit"

on a XDF (CTS) server ?

Are there any planings for publish stats from players/server from run/cts maps?

GreetZ Su

RE: XonStats on CTS server? - asyyy - 01-08-2013

You should send antibody a message on irc, I'm not sure if he reads all the threads on this forum.

RE: XonStats on CTS server? - Antibody - 01-17-2013

CTS isn't supported at the moment. You can do one of two things:

1) continue to set the playerstats URI in your settings, then you'll automatically start recording games when CTS support is added.


2) wait until I announce CTS support, then add the URI setting sometime after.

I'd prefer option 2 so you don't send unnecessary requests to the stats server, but really it is your preference.

RE: XonStats on XDF (CTS) server? - PinkRobot - 01-17-2013

It would be great to see CTS supported in XonStat too. I think a lot of people - including me - would really enjoy that.

I also think it will be interesting to see what you would come up with to rank players.

RE: XonStats on XDF (CTS) server? - -maniac|Su- - 01-18-2013

I.d like to prefer some option 1 and hope more XDF/CTS/or whatever-it-called server would do ...

Better some "unnecessary" requests than empty requests (so unnecessary?) like made by the most vanilla server .... Tongue

But seriously - exists there any "roadmap" to support - what would be the basis of valuation for the stats - something like best time set to 100 per map/per server - calculate a ratio per map - than add them per player for all servers and maps ?

GreetZ Su

RE: XonStats on XDF (CTS) server? - Antibody - 01-18-2013

I don't really have a roadmap. I'm really driving my work in stats from:

1) Anything that is broken
2) Integrating with the game better
3) Storing the fields I don't currently store or displaying the fields that I currently store but don't *show* on pages

Backing up a bit from stats, a lot of my work right now is around the actual infrastructure of the project: making sure Wordpress and the forums are up to date and investigating moving to a new development tracker. That's a job all by itself! It takes a lot of my time and I have other goals for myself that I want to complete as well. I'm trying my best to keep pushing stats along nicely.

RE: XonStats on XDF (CTS) server? - -maniac|Su- - 01-18-2013

I hope you don.t misunderstood me .. Tongue

My intention isn.t to bother you or push you to something ..

First of all: Thank you very much for everything you do for xonotic Heart

I think it would be great to have a worldwide playerstats of one of the most played Xonotic mod ... even it could attract some old/for us new players which like this mod Smile

GreetZ Su

edit - done! - thanks to antiboby xonstats now working