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just a short question - [DieTunichtguten]Xperience - 01-10-2013

hey guys,
i have got a maybe simple question.

i made a map with my own textures, after compiling with light medium, just my textures are black.
the textures are .jpg data
i made the map with netradiant
i dont have this problem with the xon textures!

what can i do?
next thing is, when i produce a file in the xonotic/data/textures , why is it then invisible in netradiant? (tryed: restart, refresh and made a new file, but it didnt work)

thanks 4 helping,
your XP

RE: just a short question - aa - 01-13-2013

What compile settings did you use? If you enabled lighting (-light medium etc.), you need to add some lights to the map. If you do not, try adding some (right click on the orthographic view, select light from the list, and enter a value (25-100)). If you do have lights.. then, try adding textures that come with the game, and see if you can see them.

What sort of file do you mean? Please explain yourself more clearly.

P.S. Please use correct grammar, so others can understand you easier.

RE: just a short question - [DieTunichtguten]Xperience - 01-13-2013

i use light medium, and i have enought light in the map.

i mean the file, where my textures are inside. just like: xonotic/data/textures/trak7
for example i made: xonotic/data/textures/mytextures but in netradiant there is no "mytextures"


RE: just a short question - [DieTunichtguten]Xperience - 01-16-2013

is there a limit of the texture (jpeg) size or dpi?
tested the map on other devices and it didn't worked...


this is the problem:
[Image: xonotic20130116191927-00.jpg]
[Image: xonotic20130116192000-00.jpg]


RE: just a short question - aa - 01-16-2013

What exact resolutiod did you use? It has to be an exponent of 2.

e.g. 1024 by 1024 or 512 by 256.

RE: just a short question - [DieTunichtguten]Xperience - 01-16-2013

lol Big Grin thanks, it worked...
had the wrong resolution...