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Development Tracker Down - Antibody - 01-17-2013

Hi all,

As you may have noticed already, the development tracker is down. We took it down intentionally to protect ourselves from a serious security flaw in the tracker's underlying web framework (RoR). The rest of the team and I are working to bring it back up as soon as we can. Stay tuned here for updates.

-AB and the rest of the Xon team

RE: Development Tracker Down - Mr. Bougo - 01-18-2013

Meanwhile, if you have a bug to report, I've re-opened the bug report subforum. Please provide as much information as you can on the bug you report, as usual.

If we get reports, I guess we'll figure out what to do once we get the tracker back. I figure it's better to have bugs written down somewhere than have them forgotten until the next time they are encountered.

You can find the forum section here: http://forums.xonotic.org/forumdisplay.php?fid=5

RE: Development Tracker Down - Antibody - 01-19-2013

Hiya everyone,

The development tracker is back up and running at http://dev.xonotic.org. Thanks for your patience, and thanks to divVerent for fixing the security vulnerability!

RE: Development Tracker Down - Mr. Bougo - 01-19-2013

Hurray! Congratulations to all people involved, I really appreciate your work. I'm disabling new threads in the bug report section of the forum now.

RE: Development Tracker Down - Mirio - 01-20-2013

Maybe you should put an url to the devtrack in the description under "Xonotic - Bug Report".

RE: Development Tracker Down - PinkRobot - 01-20-2013

Thanks team!

Maybe the "Bug report forum" link could point to the sticky "How to submit a bug report". I think it's important that people read that post first, before submitting something for the first time. That post by Doku already points to the dev tracker, so that's not a problem I think. The only thing we would 'lose' in that forum would be 3 posts in total. Maybe we can move these to the Help/Troubleshooting forum instead, if the posts should remain in the system.

I have no idea however if it's possible to have a link to a forum redirect to a single forum post. MrBougo or someone else with more admin powers than me could probably shed some light on that. there might be another way of doing that altogether.

RE: Development Tracker Down - Mr. Bougo - 01-20-2013

I can have a forum point to a link but then it's just a link, not a forum. Since it can't contain any threads, the thread it points to must be put somewhere else.

What I can also do is have a permanent message at the top of the bug report section (see WW for an example). EDIT: It can have arbitrary HTML too if needed.

RE: Development Tracker Down - PinkRobot - 01-20-2013

So the idea could be: move contents of the sticky to the top of the page of that forum and remove the sticky. That would be good I think. Possibly then close the forum for posting when the tracker is up and running like normal?