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Hello ! - youngest - 02-07-2013

Greetings !

RE: Hello ! - machine! - 02-07-2013

Join #xonotic.pickup at QuakeNet if you wanna duel. Smile Welcome!

RE: Hello ! - Mirio - 02-07-2013


RE: Hello ! - kuniu the frogg - 02-07-2013


RE: Hello ! - kammy - 02-07-2013


Check out the minsta servers if you want to play something fast pace Big Grin

If you want me to show you around or give some tips ask away any time you find me ingame.

Hope you enjoy xonotic :> we could definately use more players.

RE: Hello ! - Finko - 02-08-2013

Labas! If you dont have problem to speak russian, then also join to ru speaking community at #xonotic.ru Smile

RE: Hello ! - [CCC]KINGSHOT[CCC] - 02-08-2013

Welcome to Xonotic!

RE: Hello ! - Halogene - 02-08-2013

Hi and welcome! For some introduction into Xonotic gameplay see my signature, there might be stuff that is not obvious even to an experienced quake player!

Apart from that, as recommended by others already, see you on #xonotic.pickup. I'm considering myself to be one of the medium skilled duellers there despite being called "noob" every now and then. But I love the duel game mode and, if I got time, usually throw in a duel or two when there's someone interested to play.

RE: Hello ! - thimo - 02-08-2013

Respect for choosing Xonotic. Get yourself in to our 3v3/4v4/5v5 pickups also! You will love it Smile We usually play at evenings like after 19CET. Also, im usually up for duels so just slap me whenever.

Welcome to Xonotic, my dear fellow >Smile