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How about 2v2tdm league? - Finko - 02-23-2013

I have an idea, lets make a 2v2tdm legue with 2-3 divisions.
Why 2v2tdm:
1. easy to make team
2. we have a lot good maps for 2v2tdm (stormkeep, breath, imprisioned, opium, pluvail and maybe 2-3 more)
3. division system, that means noobs not be raped by skillz0rs.
Im not good in organization, so if quick cup admins team make this idea possible, it will be awesome Tongue

RE: How about 2v2tdm league? - kojn^ - 02-23-2013

Suggested a similar thing for duel also, last time talked about it was with Antibody/asyyy some time ago. Would be nice to see it implemented for 2v2 or duel.

RE: How about 2v2tdm league? - SpiKe - 02-23-2013

Good idea, would be nice to see beginners / mids / highskills leagues Big Grin

RE: How about 2v2tdm league? - Mirio - 02-23-2013

More divisions = Shorter seasons
3 divisions sounds good for a start.
I guess last 2 teams should go down and best 2 teams go up. Maybe Last-3rd and 3rd of lower division could play a deciding match.

Shorter seasons are better for some reasons:

- (Probably) less raping
- Teams would have to confirm for next season, so line up changes are possible and inactive ones drop out
- In long cups (1v1 Tourney, Nations Cup) people tend to become inactive pretty fast
- Mappool can change each season (i.e. with votings like at Quick Cups) - would suggest Bo3 matches

Maybe 1 month = 1 season? Should be enough time to play like 4-5 matches.

EDIT: A similar system would work for Duel too of course and I would like to administrate both. Wink

RE: How about 2v2tdm league? - kojn^ - 02-23-2013

Possible to run it similar to Q2's EDL? (European Duel League).

So different divisions, after each played each other once, top 4 for example play in like a playoff sytem (bo5) so its like 2 semi finals then a final and 3rd place playoff?

Either way look forward to see a start of a league.