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A suggestion regarding the pants-to-glow change - MirceaKitsune - 03-22-2010

I noticed a change in GIT that combines the _pants texture into _glow for player models (the color used for pants is now applied to glow and pants go away). I like the idea, and always thought glow should be colorable too. But imho this may not be the best way to implement it.

One reason is that it brakes older player models. Not the official ones which will eventually be replaced, but separate characters which could still work otherwise. My biggest worry however is that this limits configurability for new player models. There's no way to have a glow map that isn't colored any more, and I think this heavily cuts customization for people who wish to make their own characters. Eg: if someone wants a robot with lantern eyes which are always white (or green glowing circuits) they can't do that any more.

My suggestion would be leaving _shirt and _pants as they were, but adding support for _glow_shirt and _glow_pants textures (which could work without a simple _glow too). This would allow players to be colored in all ways as the author pleases, and also makes more sense imo.

As FruitieX said on IRC, extra textures would need to be kept to a minimum. I agree, but don't think this should limit customization possibilities. The new models for Xonotic could still use the new system (instead of a _shirt and _pants have a _shirt and _glow_pants). We could also discourage extra textures in modeling tutorials, but leave the system flexible so people can still make their character as they wish. Just my 2 cents.