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TAG Seeker - divVerent - 05-08-2010

You probably remember the TAG Seeker, right?


I am suggesting to reintroduce that weapon to Xonotic.

Primary mode: a TAG projectile that, when it hits an opponent, tags him and causes four homing missiles to be fired against him.

Secondary mode: a rapid-fire FLAC that can be used as short range attack, or to deflect incoming rockets/TAG missiles.

RE: TAG Seeker - Cortez666 - 05-08-2010

Yes I want the fun back!

RE: TAG Seeker - divVerent - 05-08-2010

Voted with the "stupid" option, as I, who I have started the poll, don't think I actually should have a right to place a vote here Tongue

But yes, personally I like the seeker (wouldn't have kept it in a branch otherwise).

RE: TAG Seeker - Roanoke - 05-08-2010

Hellz yeah. Would make people be faster too, and make it harder to play COD "duck and cover" style.

RE: TAG Seeker - Flying Steel - 05-08-2010

Voted yes, bring it back finally. Too many inbred weapons, we need more actually different qualities in arsenal, like the seeker had/has.

(05-08-2010, 02:32 PM)Roanoke Wrote: Would make people be faster too, and make it harder to play COD "duck and cover" style.

You probably have that backwards actually, but it doesn't really matter because there are already way more smoke-them-out weapons than are needed (GL, RL, CR, Electro, Crylink, 2.5 hagar and beta fireball).

RE: TAG Seeker - PinkRobot - 05-08-2010

Woohoo, voted Yes, and would have voted Yes! Yes!! YES!!! if there had been such an option Tongue

RE: TAG Seeker - Sepelio - 05-08-2010

Hmmm what the hell I'll vote for yes. It will be nice for anti-vehicle purposes in time as well Tongue

RE: TAG Seeker - Silica Gel: Do Not Eat - 05-08-2010


I was just starting to get good with it and then it was removed.
It's also my son's favorite weapon!

RE: TAG Seeker - Cuinnton - 05-08-2010

i vote yes, but really only as an anti-vehicle weapon as Sepelio said

RE: TAG Seeker - Lee_Stricklin - 05-09-2010

I think it would make a kick-ass anti-vehicular weapon.

EDIT: Wow after actually reading the thread, it seems other people think that as well.

RE: TAG Seeker - unfa - 05-09-2010

also want the TAG Seeker back! I tried to learn it but... just like Silica Gel said, then It got removed.

Bring-it-back! Bring-it-back!

RE: TAG Seeker - divVerent - 05-09-2010

For those who do NOT want it back - there of course will be cvars to turn it off (or replace by another gun), like for any other weapon. These are welcome to use these on their server.

RE: TAG Seeker - booo - 05-09-2010

Not the most usefull weapon in its primary, (secondary was actually really usefull in close quarters) but TOP FUN! HELL YES, bring it back : )

RE: TAG Seeker - Lee_Stricklin - 05-09-2010

I don't think Havoc is stopping you, bring that sucker back!

RE: TAG Seeker - divVerent - 05-09-2010

Seeker is alive and kicking again! Looks a bit different in the particle effects, not caring for that now. Please test and give balancing feedback.

RE: TAG Seeker - Cuinnton - 05-09-2010

maybe making the tag seeker primary fire only able to lock onto vehicles and making it more powerful would be a good option. (by shooting more homing rockets Smile)

RE: TAG Seeker - PanzerZero - 05-09-2010

Will it be made a default weapon? If it's purpose in Xonotic will mainly be to "destroy vehicles" I would think no, right?

RE: TAG Seeker - Roanoke - 05-09-2010

What do you mean by "default weapon"?

RE: TAG Seeker - PanzerZero - 05-09-2010

(05-09-2010, 07:35 PM)Roanoke Wrote: What do you mean by "default weapon"?
I play in MiT server too often >.> What I meant was when you're playing in warmup would it be included by default with all of the other weapons, like the SVN weapons are. Didn't quite think that through, my bust Tongue Btw, is xonotic really going to have vehicles? Any screenies if that's a yes?

RE: TAG Seeker - PineTrees - 05-09-2010

Viva le TZORK y MORPHED anew!

RE: TAG Seeker - Roanoke - 05-09-2010

Xonotic will have vehicles (three are currently in the works, dunno where to find screens). They are the raptor, wakizashi, and spiderbot. Yeah, tag as a warmup weapon would make sense, as it can be used for players as well.

RE: TAG Seeker - tZork - 05-10-2010

I see no reason to limit it to vehicles only. its hard enough to use vs players to make it more or less a non-issue balance wise. Against stationary/slow/large targets it is likely a bit overpowered, but then again those are not common game element yet so its hard to say.

RE: TAG Seeker - unfa - 05-10-2010

(05-10-2010, 12:23 PM)tZork Wrote: I see no reason to limit it to vehicles only.

I agree. After playing with TAG Seeker in current Xonotic GIT I say It's a great weapon on outdoor maps - requires a lot of skill to be useful on larger distances but once mastered - it might be an awesome weapon making players run from the rockets, hide, defend themselves, strike back...

Players in Xonotic are moving really fast - may be even faster than vehicles using bunnyjumping and grappling hook so should be tagged by the TAG Seeker too. I belive it should be spawned on maps in it's own place not sharing its spawning point with RL - it's different from it. Especially on maps like Facing Worls.

RE: TAG Seeker - The mysterious Mr. 4m - 05-10-2010

Am i the only one who finds balanced weapons boring? I want a server with weapons that scare you! TAG Seeker firing 100 rockets - at once, Lazer sending you to the other side of the map, Electro refire at 0 delay, HLAC secondary pulverizing you, Grenade Launcher secondary triggered after 2 minutes, destroying half a map - a BIIIIG map!!!!

RE: TAG Seeker - unfa - 05-12-2010

I like it Big Grin