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Wierd ping issues. - aa - 03-23-2013

Usually i get normal ping around 150, but sometimes it may go up to 1000 or more. You may imagine how bad that. Howether, if I start .avi recording, apart from expected FPS drops, the ping goes down as well, commonly staying fixed at 166 or 200. If I turn .avi recording off- the ping will go back to its high meanings around 1000. Do you know how that can be happening?

Xonotic GLX/SDL 0.6, updated with update-xonotic.sh script.
Linux Slackware 13.37
Nothing similar happens to other games.

RE: Wierd ping issues. - asyyy - 03-23-2013

Sounds like you hit the upper limit of your connection's upstream capacity. Try lowering your cl_netfps value (number of packages that your client sends to the server, per second).

RE: Wierd ping issues. - aa - 03-23-2013

Thank you asyyy, that sounds promising, I will try it tommorow. I have seen that setting in network options, but had no idea what it could affect.

RE: Wierd ping issues. - aa - 03-27-2013

I have lowered the above setting, and played for a few days with it and, indeed, ping improved.

RE: Wierd ping issues. - zykure - 03-27-2013

Hey that brings me to the question - how exactly does that setting affect gameplay? I mean, if you send less packets to the server, will you notice it? Will other players on the server notice it? And what about the other network setting where you can adjust the game to your network bandwidth?

I also have network issues sometimes, but in my case it's packetloss up to 0~2 which comes up every now and then. Depends a bit on the server, but not too much. I tweaked my DSL router somewhat to get rid of it, and it even improved a little. But sometimes it's still there Sad

RE: Wierd ping issues. - Cyber Killer - 03-27-2013

Packet loss of up to 1% is normal on nearly any kind of network. We all need to live with it :-).