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CF PewPewMovie! - Finko - 04-02-2013

Yay!CF clan releases their PewPewMovie©!Im not a good moviemaker like ZeroQL, Kojn and Trev_Nacho so quality of this video not so awesome, but i hope you enjoy watching this:

P.S.This video is laggy, and im too lame and lazy to fix it Wink

RE: CF PewPewMovie! - Mossepo - 04-02-2013

Yey, I died in the movie!

RE: CF PewPewMovie! - Diomedes - 04-02-2013

(04-02-2013, 03:48 PM)Mossepo Wrote: Yey, I died in the movie!

Me too!

RE: CF PewPewMovie! - kojn^ - 04-02-2013

Yay I died in this mov..oh wait Sad

I really enjoyed it, the music was funky and the colors were nice and vibrant. I would use the engine to capture next time instead of fraps, but you know that now for next time Smile

I also liked that there was some nice mg aiming/frags, don't see enough of it in videos. <3 Draelor for it. Tarx CTF defending scene was my favourite bit Smile

RE: CF PewPewMovie! - Mirio - 04-02-2013

Pew pew

fu Finko. Wink

RE: CF PewPewMovie! - machine! - 04-02-2013

Hehe, nice movie with weird music, I approve! Smile

RE: CF PewPewMovie! - zeroql - 04-02-2013

Nice movie! Smile

RE: CF PewPewMovie! - SpiKe - 04-03-2013

Yay, I died in this movie... way too much ! Big Grin (dat killing spree vs Pendulla and me on Stormkeep =o )

Nice frags, nice music ! Smile

RE: CF PewPewMovie! - mega noob - 04-03-2013

Nice stuff =]

RE: CF PewPewMovie! - hutty - 04-03-2013


some nice MG action going on there

RE: CF PewPewMovie! - g4spr0m - 04-04-2013

Akira Yamaoka FTW! Great fragmovie though.