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Netradiant crashing error - korfi - 05-30-2013

Hey everyone!

I thought I should start making some maps, and downloaded netradiant.
I set it up properly (some people on #xonotic.editing helped me) but I still got a crash error. I tried running it as an administrator, but it still crashed on me.
It crashes directly when I'm launching up radiant.exe (I get to choose path and whenever I click OK it crashes). I'm using the latest netradiant build.


P.S. If there is any information I missed here is a pastebin of the chat. http://pastebin.com/Qu18uuSa

RE: Netradiant crashing error - Maddin - 05-30-2013

Could you please tell us what the message says when Radiant crashes? Or what the program does/doesn´t do? Maybe a screenshot if needed? I don´t want nor am I able to spend my time reading this extremely long chat.

RE: Netradiant crashing error - korfi - 05-31-2013

http://puu.sh/355Ps/92597640dc.png (It's Swedish so I'll quickly translate it to English.)

radiant.exe has stopped working.

A problem made that the program stopped working correctly.
The program was shut down and you will be messaged if there is any solution of the problem.

Close program

RE: Netradiant crashing error - Mr. Bougo - 05-31-2013

Is there anything unusual about your system? Hardware, software? What is your OS, actually?

RE: Netradiant crashing error - korfi - 05-31-2013

I've had no problem with my system that I know of, I'm on windows 7 64 bit.