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best bug ever - zerp - 06-03-2013

[Image: hW9WZa8.jpg]

[Image: laGajAt.jpg]

[Image: RNsi3xh.jpg]

RE: best bug ever - Mr. Bougo - 06-03-2013

Three screenshots showing essentially the same thing is not going to help troubleshoot that. Please give us more information: server, time and date, map, whether you've seen this before, and anything else relevant to the issue. Perhaps a demo if you have one?

If your intent is only to show us fun screenshots, please say so and I'll move the thread to Xonotic - General. But here, it's in Help and Troubleshooting, so let's try and investigate the issue.

RE: best bug ever - satuim - 06-30-2013

Looking at the minimap it looks like it was a space map and somebody dropped it down