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[Duel] first - machine! - 06-07-2013

A small DM/Duel map.

[Image: iyoNbIm.png]

  • Make it in a better scale
  • Rethink item placement and adjust the map overall
  • Textures


RE: [Duel] first - deoxys - 06-07-2013


Good to see you're putting out something for us. Smile

That is a small and scarily ambiguous list of TODO's. Are you sure you should have posted the map like this, if even the creator has doubts about the layout? It might end up being something not worth keeping, I know how mapping is sometimes.
The altogether cuboid look of this minimap intrigues me and makes me apprehensive.

ALSO it is a wise decision to not texture before deciding on the layout and items.

Also, when you post only a minimap image, ya know something's up.
Downloading now