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[unconnected] Servers - Mirio - 06-12-2013

Thought a thread would be handy here.

We, the [unconnceted] (uc) clan, are running two servers at the moment:

[unconnected] votable public Server | UC - [0.7.0]
IP: unconnected-clan.de:26000

[unconnected] votable pickup Server | UC - [0.7.0]
IP: unconnected-clan.de:26042

The latter is not visible in the serverlist, it's used for pickup games or other private matches. Feel free to use it.

To find out the votable stuff (like Minsta, gamemodes etc) type vhelp in the console (Shift+ESC) and then vcall XYZ

The maps can be downloaded here: http://download.unconnected-clan.de/maps/

If you think there is a missing map, just post it (preferable with a download URL Tongue) here!

You can find us on IRC (QuakeNet) #unconnected.xonotic and the server chat is at #uc.xon Smile !

gl hf