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Is there a list of server settings? - Lorizean - 06-20-2013

Hello everybody,

I just started a dedicated xonotic server and I played around with the sample server.cfg file for a bit, but I am left wondering if it lists all possible settings or if there is a more encompassing list somewhere?
Google turned up nothing.

Here are some things I would like to accomplish:

- Disable the minimap
- Disable health rot and regen
- Turn off the ghosts of weapons/ammo/powerups without enabling a full weapon stay
- Make people spawn away from their opponents in a 1v1 environment instead of randomizing spawns

I would like to know if any of these are possible in the current build (I am using the git version).

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: On a side note, I don't seem to be able to switch workspaces while I have xonotic running on my desktop (Arch Linux x64 with awesome wm) - does xonotic disable the Mod4 [windows] key or something?

RE: Is there a list of server settings? - Mr. Bougo - 06-20-2013

Use the "apropos" command!

The minimap is called "radar" in the code and cvars, and there is no server variable to control its display, it's a client setting.

Health rot and regen are the g_balance_health_* cvars. You can list them using cvarlist, the names are pretty self-explanatory:
] cvarlist g_balance_health_*

g_balance_health_limit is "999" ["999"] custom cvar
g_balance_health_regen is "0.08" ["0.08"] custom cvar
g_balance_health_regenlinear is "0.5" ["0.5"] custom cvar
g_balance_health_regenstable is "100" ["100"] custom cvar
g_balance_health_rot is "0.04" ["0.04"] custom cvar
g_balance_health_rotlinear is "0.75" ["0.75"] custom cvar
g_balance_health_rotstable is "100" ["100"] custom cvar
g_balance_health_start is "100" ["100"] custom cvar
8 cvars matching "g_balance_health_*"

Ghost items: "apropos ghost" gives you a list of candidates, and g_ghost_items is the right one. Set that to 0.

Random spawns: the Xonotic 0.6 default was half random, half furthest spawn. Xonotic 0.7 always spawns on the furthest point. The cvar controlling this is g_spawn_furthest. Its value was 0.5 in Xonotic 0.6, and is now 1 in Xonotic 0.7.

Switching workspaces: try the vid_netwmfullscreen cvar:
vid_netwmfullscreen 1

EDIT: And since you're using Awesome, do you really have to play in fullscreen? If you don't need those twenty extra pixels from the status bar, you could play windowed. Just find the appropriate width and height of the window, and do this:
vid_width X
vid_height Y
vid_resizable 1
I use that with dwm and it works great, and I can see my notifications in my status bar which I think is a huge plus!