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[WIP]Distortion - Justin - 06-23-2013

[Image: distortion.png]

This thread is about new map I am currently working on based on the Spatium. I decided to make a full remake of the map and therefore call it differently. therefore this thread is a split from the Spatium thread (thanks to Mr. Bougo)

[Image: distortion_layout.jpg]
  • Item placement changes
  • Visuals Im trying to improove: More simple textures, better color contrasts, more structural and architectural work.
  • Style Look at the screenshots and tell me how it looks.
  • Details - now not in the plain textures but actually real details.
  • Structures - Reactors, pipes, funny light boxes, new jumppad models...I allready have 5 models I made in futuristic style.
  • Lighting In previous version lighting was chaotic, sometimes too strong, too colorfull and fake looking. I will try to improove it in new version.
  • Middle room shape - circular

The feedback I will gather has tremandous impact on how the map will look like, play like and feel like.

[Image: distortion.jpg]|x| [Image: distortion_middle2.jpg]

  1. Tell me what's your ideas for models?
  2. Whats do you think of style? How it should be how it can be?
  3. Optional features?
  4. any other ideas: Item placement, layout

Download Distortion-v3-r3.pk3


RE: [CTF] Spatium - Smilecythe - 06-23-2013

I liked the previous layout, but this is looking pretty good too. Any test versions available?

RE: [CTF] Spatium - Justin - 06-24-2013

Now yes, indeed. Look at the first post
Some progress shots:
[Image: progress_1.jpg]

[Image: progress2.jpg]

RE: [CTF] Spatium - monad - 06-25-2013

Really liking the new style. Nice curves in the last shot.

RE: [CTF] Spatium - Justin - 07-01-2013

Thanks Monad.
Progress isn't very fast. Although I don't want to get into performance issues.

[Image: pr02.jpg]

Lots of patch and model work need to be done. Tell my people what do you think of the style.

RE: [CTF] Spatium - satuim - 07-01-2013

Love the lighting!
Downloading now Smile

RE: [CTF] Spatium - Smilecythe - 07-02-2013

If it's so much different than the previous version you should go ahead and have another title for it. Because I and arguably quite many of others liked the previous one. It should not be scrapped or left in the dark/world of confusion imo.

RE: [WIP]Distortion - machine! - 07-03-2013

I got a item placemente suggestion.

To make the map feel less symetrical, maybe do like this: One team have nex and MH on their side of the map, the other team have rl and MA on their side. Smile

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Majki - 07-03-2013

Quakers hate non-mirrored maps, never forget about that Big Grin

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Justin - 07-15-2013

Both sides will have thier rocketlaunchers and nex guns and meg will be in the middle I think.
Shot of electro and 50 armor room (perimeter - link between base and middle)
[Image: ff4.jpg]

BTW: This column will be cut from the bottom and there will be less pipes on the floor cause they were standing in the way to much.

RE: [WIP]Distortion - aa - 07-15-2013

That looks impressive!

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Justin - 07-17-2013

Thank you.

I am finishing the 50 armor electro room. Adding some pipes,
light effects,
moving columns out of the way,
clipping and
generally all the stuff that must be dealt with.

I think I know what the style differences and options I will apply to my project. I am still opened to suggestions.
[Image: modeling.jpg]
This pipes are on the red side (red lights indicate that).

It's very late (2 am) and I am having bursts of creativity (god damn it, I can feel like 70 % of the map is done). Couldn't not take it without pepsi.

Edit: You will see that some of the vaults are based on the Hagia Sophia, but modified into alien-like futuristic style.

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Majki - 07-18-2013

Quote:It's very late (2 am) and I am having bursts of creativity (god damn it, I can feel like 70 % of the map is done). Couldn't not take it without pepsi.

Best. Line. Ever.

RE: [WIP]Distortion - poVoq - 07-18-2013

(07-17-2013, 07:07 PM)Justin Wrote: Edit: You will see that some of the vaults are based on the Hagia Sophia, but modified into alien-like futuristic style.

That is really cool, and you should probably further explore this idea!

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Justin - 07-21-2013

Glad you like the idea. Ok, I finally got the genral layout. It will probably be changed though:

[Image: distortion_layout.jpg]

Thank you all for your patience and support.

RE: [WIP]Distortion - kuniu the frogg - 07-22-2013

looking damn good really.

I just hope you will avoid the problem that occured with early releases of imprisoned, where everything was soo grey and grey only Wink

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Mirio - 07-22-2013

Hope you can provide something to jump around soon! Big Grin

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Justin - 07-22-2013

I am having middle working, ballistic provides tips and help and finally most of the connections wer done.
It's white only now, Kuniu not grey, so no problem Big Grin
[Image: distortion_middle.png]
Sorry for this screenshot, Just couldn't resist to change it in photoshop. It shows the middle and lots of domes and Hagia Sophia's Smile

When it comes to texturing: I use high contrasts: Black vs yellow, black and grey vs white and some greens in small areas.

Generally middle has 3 ways leading to the 50 armor room and one way leading directely to the base.
What you see here is still grey for most of these textures serve as placeholders.
I am also not sure about that thin middle bridge... Mabye making one, big platform instead? What to put in the middle? Mega armor, Health or quad?

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Smilecythe - 07-22-2013

Jesus man! Give us a chance, all right? This is just crazy...

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Maddin - 07-23-2013

Justin, at the moment I have nothing else to say than this reaches awesomeness-level 10 of 10!! Remember when you began mapping? And now you come up with something like this? AWESOME!!

Though of course, I will give you some constructive feedback when you release a playble version for sure! Wink

RE: [WIP]Distortion - kojn^ - 08-03-2013

Looks awesome!

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Justin - 08-03-2013

Sorry for delay, guys. I had unexpected vacations but Im back now and I have beta version! Rolleyes

[Image: distortion.jpg]

Soundtrack by ARCHER! great thanks to him. Just listen his epic tune: 'Erebus' (turn music on in audio if you have it off)
Thanks, Kojn for kind words

PS: The bug: Skybox is not displayed. That will be fixed when I figure out how.
I had to resign from distorting glass in the domes, it was making fps around 30-40 lower. First post updated as well!

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Archer - 08-03-2013

Can't wait to hop around in this map, nice one Justin, and thanks for using my tune Smile

I'll leave you some feedback once I played around a bit!

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Maddin - 08-03-2013

The reason why the sky is black is simply because of your shader. You should specify a name for the sky textures and also include the images if they arenĀ“t part of the original game. Wink Contact me on IRC if you need help.

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Justin - 08-03-2013

[Image: middle.png]

Every feedback will be appreciated and highly recomended Smile