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RE: [WIP]Distortion - ai - 08-04-2013

Found a clipping bug:

[Image: image.jpg]

[Image: image.jpg]

RE: [WIP]Distortion - machine! - 08-04-2013

Holy potatoes =o

Good job! Excellent visuals, only a few green drain textures that looked slightly out of place, some badly clipped stuff, except that this seems extremely visually appealing! The item layout and core architecture seems cool too, probably a very fast 3v3 ctf map I would presume. Sadly I don't have as much free time anymore so no big review like in the past, but if you happen to meet in irc could probably point out some stuff in-game. Smile

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Justin - 08-06-2013

Thank you guys. Thank you, very much. Glad you had playtest with me, machine so we could figure out whats wrong with the map.
New version is ready:
  • Clipping in the middle improved
  • new skybox (I modified polluted_earth) and managed to write a shader for it (but for Maddin i wouldn't be able to do so. Then big big hug to him and his patience when he was explaining things to me Smile)
    [Image: distortion_middle2.jpg]
  • Changed layout in the bases- removed one pilar, changed another and added jumppad.
  • Added shards and 2x crylinks
  • changed few floor texures and trims
  • Added few structures and details.
Download Distortion-v3-r3.pk3

RE: [WIP]Distortion - ai - 08-06-2013

The textures of the map looks so damn good I think I want to disable my picmip 1337 and go with default. >.< Damn you Justin!

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Justin - 08-06-2013

haha, glad to hear that, ai. All mappers like when players play their maps without picmip. I tested map with all possible settings and contrast is strong enough to give enjoyable experience even on high picmip settings Smile
PS: There is a skybox bug visable in the screenshot. I allready fixed it, and I will realese fixed version soon. I also fixed jumppad issue (on one side it seems to be not working) and player model which was slightly placed in solid :/

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Justin - 08-10-2013

Sorry for doubleposting.
I updated version, fixing major bugs and problems. Please download lastest (r3) and update. And leave your feedback.
Link can be found in the first post.

RE: [WIP]Distortion - -z- - 03-27-2015

I know I'm late to the party but I just wanted to say this is a great map Smile

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Smilecythe - 03-28-2015

We need a 3v3 CTF cup with this and Catharsis in asap!

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Justin - 03-29-2015

Thank you, z! This map might be good for style reference, but I never actually finished it. Too many unknowns and too litlle feedback. Map should work.

RE: [WIP]Distortion - -z- - 03-29-2015

(03-28-2015, 03:34 PM)Smilecythe Wrote: We need a 3v3 CTF cup with this and Catharsis in asap!

YES, absolutely. I would love that.

RE: [WIP]Distortion - Notavi - 08-19-2018

Lovely map, found a minor bug - looks like a surfacelight texture was removed from the philip2kx texture set at some point.

Can probably be fixed just by adding it back as a map texture.