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Feign Death - .Kt - 03-22-2010

Just like UT GOTY.

It is very Ninja.

RE: Feign Death - rainerzufalldererste - 03-24-2010

...and now!?

RE: Feign Death - theShadow - 03-24-2010

It's been done. in haze.(commercial FPS)

RE: Feign Death - Roanoke - 03-24-2010

Also AoT. I dunno if this would be good for balance.

RE: Feign Death - CuBe0wL - 04-08-2010

I dunno why, but I usually just gib every corpse , so it doesn't disturb me.
So... yeah, good luck faking death around me Big Grin

RE: Feign Death - esteel - 04-08-2010

Also gibbing is quite easy, does not require too much damage "beyond" 0 .. i do not think feign death is a feature that would be worth to change the easy gibbing and both are not really compatible.

RE: Feign Death - Tei - 04-09-2010

Another idea, could be a temporal invisibility that also lock the weapons (you can't shot, but you can move and you are invisible).

This type of stuff fir with the game? It has been described to me as a very fast game, and this type of stuff is for crap with other pace.

RE: Feign Death - Contrarian - 04-09-2010

I've played several mods which added feign death ability. It always goes the same way. It's a novelty at first... everyone plays around with it for a while before they realize how useless it is, then it is forgotten.

...until that is, somebody finds a glitch which they can use to cheat somehow. Putting a player in a state between alive and dead has a way causing all manner of bugs in things you wouldn't expect. Maybe it's not fair to assume there will be issues like these in Xonotic, just because that's been the case every other time it's been done, but whatever.

In practice, it's never as useful as it seems when you imagine it. So I'm against wasting any effort on it.