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g_pickup_items - end user - 07-26-2013

In the server.cfg there's

PHP Code:
g_pickup_items 1 "if set to 0 all items (health, armor, ammo, weapons...) are removed from the map, if 1 they are forced to spawn" 

Is there anyway to have each item their own setting.


For example I want to have the user equipped with certain weapons by default but with say limited amo and then they have to pick up more amo for the weapon. Id like to disable weapon pickups so everyone has the same weapons ATM is either all or nothing?


RE: g_pickup_items - Mr. Bougo - 07-26-2013

Not really, as far as I know.

You can alter weapon spawns by setting the g_weaponreplace_* cvars. A value of "0" disables a weapon's spawns. It is documented in a comment in defaultXonotic.cfg.

RE: g_pickup_items - end user - 07-27-2013

Thanks that worked out great.