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RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Antibody - 08-21-2013

973. This is a hefeweizen of my own making with about 5.5% alcohol. As a bonus, it is bottled in a container from France given to me by a coworker.

[Image: IMG_20130820_202616_549.jpg]

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Maddin - 08-21-2013


[Image: bitburger_stubbi.jpg]
(^not my photo)

This one is also very cheap but tastes really awful... well I got some for free so I couldn´t resist. Tongue

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Mr. Bougo - 08-21-2013

Great name though.

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Mirio - 08-21-2013

(08-21-2013, 01:30 PM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Great name though.

The town is called Bitburg. Tongue

And in German you usually add a "-er" for stuff/persons from a place.

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Mr. Bougo - 08-21-2013

I know! I just appreciate that there are two ways to read it. And the typography on the label insists on the unintended way, which is even better.

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - CuBe0wL - 08-21-2013

Aaaargh... guys!

Finko forgot to remove one - so that should have been 974.
We forgot 347 b33rz in the Nexuiz forum. So it's 974 + 347 = 1321
Antibody fragged one, but he seems that he counted right from 974. So it's 1320.
Maddin had two Bitburgers: 1318.

Aaand, I had another budget b33r from Lidl: Argus Premium.

[Image: 29196.jpg]

It's a polish b33r from Piwowarskie Glubczyce, a pilsner type.
Rather bitter, but nothing exceptional. It has an alhocol volume of 5,0 V/V%, but oddly feels stronger.


RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - kuniu the frogg - 08-22-2013


yesterday i was relaxing with two pretty good beers from Montenegro (where i'm on vacation at the moment, great place if you like exploring high mountains with almost no tourists)

[Image: yug-trebjesa-niksicko.jpg]

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Finko - 08-23-2013

Beer at work? Hell yeah!
[Image: -88693455.jpg]
Dark beer from Hmeleff brewery, which located in Ryazan.
1311 (I have 2l, it's count as 4?).

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Mirio - 08-23-2013

Yes it counts as 4.

But: PET bottles AGY)))

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Finko - 08-23-2013

(08-23-2013, 05:48 AM)Mirio Wrote: Yes it counts as 4.

But: PET bottles AGY)))
PET bottles for gopniks!
I like fresh beer from barrel, but its only in PET at shops :<

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Antibody - 08-23-2013

Subtracting Finko's four as well as another hefeweizen for me: 1310

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - CuBe0wL - 08-23-2013


I had another Argus today, my gf got the Finkbräu I bought for myself to drink - thankfully, because when I tested it, it had very sweet aftertaste. I didn't really like that, so I had her Argus, and she had my Finkbräu Smile

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - CuBe0wL - 08-27-2013

1308, had one Dreher with my gf and her friends.

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Halogene - 08-27-2013

I recently drank 2 times 0,33 litres of Karjala III. I suppose that counts as 1. Not a particular good beer, but it's isotonic and it really did the job of refreshing after chopping 2 cubic metres of wood. Big Grin


RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Finko - 08-27-2013

Celebrate wining of FC Lokomotiv (Loko-Rostov 5:0 GG) with my friend:
[Image: -88851064.jpg]
It's prety good beer, first time drink it.

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - CuBe0wL - 08-27-2013

Wow, very nice bottle!

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Jhonny - 08-28-2013

1303 - had 3 Pilsener Urquell this evening - great b33r, really like, very tasty!
[Image: pilsner_urquell2.jpg]

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Mr. Bougo - 08-28-2013

Finko, your embedded images go down after a short time. You're using a temporary image host!

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Finko - 08-29-2013

Hmm, yeah, next time i will use another.

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Cortez666 - 08-29-2013

(08-28-2013, 06:11 PM)Jhonny Wrote: 1303 - had 3 Pilsener Urquell this evening - great b33r, really like, very tasty!

yeah thats good stuff

[Image: EstrellaDamm33clEnCopa.jpg]
brewed in barcelona

one of this, but its only a 0,33

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - tZork - 08-31-2013

[Image: 65ZYn4B.jpg]

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Cortez666 - 08-31-2013

having some beer with Diomedes

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - kuniu the frogg - 09-04-2013


another two from me, Kelt from Slovakia this time. I think i can recommend this beer, it's pretty good, althoguh i've heard it was even better before Heineken had bought it. Give it a try if you have a possibility.

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Cortez666 - 09-04-2013


one efes.

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - CuBe0wL - 09-07-2013


A Kozel. Though I think it's not the "original", but a "brewn from licenced recipe", I like it.