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RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Jhonny - 09-08-2013

1290 , had two becks before crazy cocktail night yesterday! :S

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Justin - 09-08-2013

Now I know why you lost our match. We can replay it when you are sober.
Ps: I do not approve such drinking games...

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - tZork - 09-08-2013

tuborg gold, carlsberg special brew and some random pilzner's

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - CuBe0wL - 09-08-2013

Let's see...

Yesterday I went to the holiday house, to prepare for the grape harverst: we had to wash the casks, on the inside and the outside too.
During work, I had a good Dreher Bak: it has a relatively high alcohol volume (7,3% V/V), as it's a dunkler bock b33r, as http://www.ratebeer.com says, and pretty much well describes this and the type b33r:

Quote:The dark Bock has a deep copper to dark brown color. Medium to full-bodied, malt sweetness and nutty or light toasted flavors dominate. Hop flavor and aroma can be light to non-existent.

[Image: CameraZOOM-20130907122211502.jpg]

Highly recommended!

I also had two "Kőbányai". Alcohol volume: "4,5% V/V"
[Image: CameraZOOM-20130907130317776.jpg]

Washing the casks:
[Image: CameraZOOM-20130907122225515.jpg]

Some of the were very filthy, also, very dry. I hope we could swell them up enough (hot water makes the wooden staves swell), so they won't leak.
[Image: CameraZOOM-20130907144541011.jpg]

Always look around when you're working in the garden! You might meet some new friends! Smile
[Image: CameraZOOM-20130907170022454.jpg]

In the evening, I met with two friends from the uni, who as husband and wife emigrated to work to Germany. Once in a few months they come back to meet their family and their friends.
I had 3 Zlatý Bažants:

[Image: CameraZOOM-20130907231043129.jpg]

That makes a total of six b33rs yesterday.


RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - kuniu the frogg - 09-09-2013

wooot, quite a lot of that wine will you have, those casks look huge!!

anyway, 1278
two Sarises, another slovakian goodies

[Image: m5osfHel.jpg]

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - CuBe0wL - 09-09-2013

Unfortunately, not Sad

Our grapeyard is very old, and constantly dieing, we have less and less grapes every year. Also, we can't look after it very well anymore, and sometimes tourists like to pick it... or it's just the starlings that eat everything Sad
I suppose only the middle small one (around 90l) and the 345l large will have anything in it (the latter only the amount that the smaller one can't hold).

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Finko - 10-05-2013

Have 3 bottles of this beer:
[Image: 14300702_____www_unipack_ru_user_files_file1647.gif]

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - tZork - 10-06-2013


RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Lee_Stricklin - 10-10-2013

Schlafly Pale Ale ftw

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - tZork - 10-10-2013

Ah that EPA does sound interesting, adding to my to-try list =)

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - cvcxc - 10-15-2013

make that 1259 since today is my birthday today.
And just wait for saturday where it will be actually celebrated Big Grin

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - CuBe0wL - 10-16-2013

Happy birthday! (yesterday Big Grin )

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Finko - 10-17-2013

Drink 3 three bottles of this beer:
[Image: b8.jpg]

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - Lee_Stricklin - 04-11-2014


Been guzzling these down recently, pretty good stuff. Schlafly has some pretty good seasonal releases and generally good beer all around actually, a definite far cry from the usual piss that's popular over here (most American beer is pretty bad).


RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - tZork - 04-15-2014



What's that they say.. sth like "American beer is like making love in a canoe: fucking close to water" Tongue That said, i had some nice us brews lately, and i magine smaller/local stuff is even better (it usually is around here).

Not sure how its availability is outside sweden, but if you like beer with alot of aroma and flavour Brutal brewing(Spendrups)'s Sir Taste-A-Lot is a amazing beer.

RE: Revenge_of_b33r_v6 - tZork - 01-10-2015

Behold ze b33r n3rc0 and tremble with joy!

1239 "testing" latest batch. it was rather potent, says my headache xD