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Join TRIVIA! - Mirio - 08-11-2013

Trivia is a simple and fun game.
The bot tells a question and you answer it. Wink It even gives hints after some time.

If you got a free evening and just want to relax with some lol's then you should just join #pb.xonotic (IRC QuakeNet). Trivia takes place there at random times, which is usually evening.

We always like fresh blood that likes to quiz with others.
You can meet the active players MrBougo, PinkRobot, SpaceMan, Galtath, FruitieX, me - even divVerent sometimes, Sless and everyone I forgot.

You can score without knowledge and good guessing or just luck.
Trivia creates bizzare situations at any time:

Quote:Aug 07 22:45:20 <triviabot> Question 3: Unscramble the letters of the words "no stamp" into a single english word?
Aug 07 22:45:28 <Mirio> tampons
Aug 07 22:45:28 <triviabot> Correct Mirio, the answer was postman. Your channel score is now 178, network score is 515.
Aug 07 22:45:31 <MrBougo> gj
Aug 07 22:45:31 <Mirio> LOOOLL
Aug 07 22:45:33 <MrBougo> hahahah
Aug 07 22:45:33 <Galtath> lol
Aug 07 22:45:35 <zykure2> fu
Aug 07 22:45:35 <Mirio> wtf???
Aug 07 22:45:35 <MrBougo> excellent
Aug 07 22:45:36 <Galtath> LOLOLOL

gl hf!

RE: Join TRIVIA! - Mr. Bougo - 08-11-2013

Hint: 1958

RE: Join TRIVIA! - rocknroll237 - 08-11-2013

[Image: x4ngzpzzawwd6d7fg.jpg?size_id=5]

RE: Join TRIVIA! - Mr. Bougo - 08-11-2013

Quote: triviabot | Question 3: 80s Films: Big ___ in Little China?
triviabot | Hint: T*ouble
@MrBougo | rouble
+PinkRobot | troibl
+FruitieX | troubs