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[WIP]4-team ctf map - kammy - 08-11-2013

Not sure if some of you have seen the 4-team ctf mod that Mario has on esk. Well, I decided to make a map for it, It's a space map with wrong scaling and some odd lighting issues, but anyway.. here are some screens:

[Image: xonotic-x64-sdl2013-08-1119-03-21-68_zpseef03999.jpg]

[Image: xonotic-x64-sdl2013-08-1119-02-08-60_zpsd1f02b46.jpg]

[Image: xonotic-x64-sdl2013-08-1120-22-44-74_zpsb3b7fe00.jpg]

[Image: xonotic-x64-sdl2013-08-1120-22-52-77_zpsfb593adf.jpg]

I'm so bad at texturing Sad

It also still has no weapons, items, flags, only one spawn... oh my.
Making maps is hard..

RE: [WIP]4-team ctf map - Justin - 08-12-2013

1. Don't relese map with only one spawn, if there is no download link, don't tell about this fact. Just add spawns, weapons and relese beta.
2. Don't undermine your creations (saying its "map with wrong scaling, Im bad at texturing, and some odd lighting issues, but anyway...") If you tried that means you are allready better in mapping then majority that hasn't even tried.
3. If you have troubles with texturing go to http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=17 and go through those pictures. Try to apply a style to your own map. Add trims and color differences (I never really learned the last one Tongue)
4. Add lamps emiting light and try to close your map so its not so open (unless that was the intention), it looks like there is only one room from the screenshot. I see some interesting structures there. mabye make a satellite orbiting in the space?
5. Don't say that mapping is hard, because it definitely is not. Coming up with great map's idea and layout is difficult. Rest is just about how good in netradiant you are.
6. Good luck, buddy!

RE: [WIP]4-team ctf map - kammy - 08-13-2013

Quick update, added some items, fixed lighting issues, and finished texturing the map.

[Image: xonotic-x64-sdl2013-08-1317-33-59-85_zpse6af2385.jpg]

[Image: xonotic-x64-sdl2013-08-1317-34-12-02_zpsc8baa0bb.jpg]

[Image: xonotic-x64-sdl2013-08-1317-34-17-12_zps97526f9c.jpg]

[Image: xonotic-x64-sdl2013-08-1317-34-40-84_zpseb4765b4.jpg]
This specific room will have more light, also the inside of the base in general will be lit up a bit more.

there is the download is anyone is interested in running around the map a bit, don't mind the unaligned items, and some texture/brush issues.. those will be fixed