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Very Metal Announcer mod - Smilecythe - 08-22-2013

[Image: 1808457-ZMW1NBP.png]

Had some free time so I decided to cover the default xonotic announcer voices with my own version, including heavy/trash metal esque grunting with guitar riffs and solos wiggling in the background! Grunts by me and riffs by MrSocialdisease, all original recording from some of the songs we've previously composed and recorded together. Below download links to pk3 and mp3 for a quick listen. To make it work drop the .pk3 in your config folder and next time you run Xonotic you're ready to bang your head like a true guitar hero. Warning, contains mean language.

VeryMetal Announcer.mp3

RE: Very Metal Announcer mod - Mirio - 08-22-2013

lol I guess zykure will love this. Wink

RE: Very Metal Announcer mod - rocknroll237 - 08-22-2013

First of all, this is fucking awesome!

But I have a few issues with it:
  • The quality of the audio could be better but I guess the microphone you had wasn't the best
  • 'Suck my dick motherfucker', 'are you ready faggots?' and 'fuck my balls!' is a bit much, although it did make me smile Tongue
  • The guitar riffs were pretty decent and there were some cool licks but the overall mixing could be better as the guitar doesn't always cut through the mix

I would suggest taking out some of the really vulgar stuff and replacing some of the dialogue with wittier references to metal and metal culture. Why not take inspiration from metal songs, e.g. 'METAL MELTDOWN!' by Judas Priest or something like that?

And don't pick this band as your inspiration, hahaha. Tongue

PS Someone really needs to do a Peter Capaldi 'taunt' pack. That would be extremely vulgar but pretty awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLlEdEx3tn8

RE: Very Metal Announcer mod - Smilecythe - 09-02-2013

Thanks for feedback, mister! Thing with references is that it can be clever and funny if you get it, but it's just way too random and uninteresting if you don't. Metal is stereotypically very vulgar and rude, and people understand 'fuck' so I just went with that.

Here's my microphone:

[Image: 55576_1.jpg]
Hama cs-463

Also, I made a quick demonstration video:

RE: Very Metal Announcer mod - Lee_Stricklin - 09-02-2013

lol almost as funny as what ROFL sounds were in Nexuiz.