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CTF/DM Instagib Suggestions - Acidphase - 08-24-2013

Hello guys,

I currently setup a dedicated server and I'm just curious or trying to get a census on what's popular or desired as far as mods, maps, and just general settings like time limits, captures, penalties if any etc..

Oh and what would be more popular a Insta DM/TDM or CTF server or even weapons again if weapons what settings.

RE: CTF/DM Instagib Suggestions - Mr. Bougo - 08-24-2013

I have to ask... Why do you want to know what game types are popular? We already have enough server for popular modes, but in the meantime some great modes like keyhunt can not ever get popular because there's no server for them.

RE: CTF/DM Instagib Suggestions - Acidphase - 08-24-2013

I'm not concerned as much as what game types that are popular just the settings/maps/mods revolving around them.

If there is a shortage of servers for a specific game type and a high demand for them that would indeed seem odd and perhaps something I can explore. I haven't seen too many TDM and LMS as well.

Thanks for asking and your thoughts.

RE: CTF/DM Instagib Suggestions - rocknroll237 - 08-24-2013

I would love to see more Keyhunt and TDM servers, but I'm sure that will happen when the player base increases.

And I would setup my own server but it's not possible where I am.

Imo, the one game mode that seems to dominate almost all arena shooters is Instagib. While it can be very fun and it is pretty addictive, it does get tiring/boring after a while and I don't think it sets a good example to newbies who often get frustrated getting 'owned' on these servers and seeing as there's not much else to turn to (or at least they think that way), they stop playing the game.

RE: CTF/DM Instagib Suggestions - Acidphase - 08-24-2013

You can get owned in any mode lol, I'll look into perhaps TDM and Keyhunt , however Keyhunt I have to really take a look at the settings rather just vanilla settings.

Oh and I forgot to ask Map suggestions on both of those TDM and Keyhunt , I would assume both can use normal DM maps though. I was told that "it would draw more players with custom maps".

If so I need to know some map names lol.

RE: CTF/DM Instagib Suggestions - bitbomb - 08-24-2013

Newbies getting owned on instagib is totally different. They don't even have time to look around before they get fragged, spend most of their time respawning.

TDM or Keyhunt would be awesome.

RE: CTF/DM Instagib Suggestions - Acidphase - 08-24-2013

Okay then , weapons it is next thing we need to decide is settings for either.

Weapon stay , time limits , frag limits power ups, health rot/regen etc..

Once again maps lol

RE: CTF/DM Instagib Suggestions - Acidphase - 08-24-2013

Well got a Weapons TDM up and going , have some custom maps on there kinda stole from another server lol I have a working redirect for the maps I'm going to setup my own dropbox when I get a chance. I guess I'll just tweak it from here and when I get a chance I'll look into Keyhunt.