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LAN Tournament Stats - tbutlerPBL - 08-30-2013

Is there a way to capture stats data when we are doing a LAN tournament? We would like to have a display on a monitor for the competition only.

RE: LAN Tournament Stats - zykure - 08-31-2013

Well if you want to have the "full" Xonstat thing for your LAN, you could just set it up on a local webserver. It involves some work (you need both xonstat and xonstatdb, the latter is using PostgreSQL) - but it's certainly doable. Then just make the server visible in your LAN, and set the "g_playerstats_uri" cvar accordingly on your gameserver. Your local Xonstat instance would then get data from all local games.

Then again, it will just show game results, player ranks and such; exactly like the official Xonstat. What data do you want to display anyway? If you don't care for a bit of coding, you could also capture and process the data that's send to xonstat yourself - say, by writing a small Python script.

xonstat FAQ - https://github.com/antzucaro/XonStat/wiki/FAQ
xonstat Git - https://github.com/antzucaro/XonStat
xonstatdb Git - https://github.com/antzucaro/xonstatdb