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Swift PC Giveaway - Deltacon - 09-07-2013

Hey, I'm trying to win the Swifty PC, can you help me out by clicking this


RE: Swift PC Giveaway - edh - 09-07-2013

Ooh, that green. Definitely the colour helps it remain discretely hidden in any room.

RE: Swift PC Giveaway - Mr. Bougo - 09-07-2013

Meh. You know this is basically advertising, right?

Anyway, thanks for providing yet another new case for Samual's forum advertising guidelines. I wonder what he will think about it.

RE: Swift PC Giveaway - Deltacon - 09-08-2013

Aehhhh.... Lemme find the guidelines...

RE: Swift PC Giveaway - Mr. Bougo - 09-08-2013

There are no guidelines currently. He was trying to define some, and I presented to him a few unique cases to help. This type of advertising is new.

I don't welcome this thread at all, but I don't have a reason to remove it or even ask you to remove it because Samual might as well decide that it's allowed.

RE: Swift PC Giveaway - Deltacon - 09-08-2013

Sorry if I didn't abide in any forum rules you have against it, you may delete it if you want (I couldn't find out how...)

RE: Swift PC Giveaway - Mr. Bougo - 09-08-2013

The thing is, you didn't. Currently it's just poor taste, so it won't be deleted unless you explicitly want it to be deleted.

RE: Swift PC Giveaway - CuBe0wL - 09-08-2013

Nothing to be ashamed of. I personally once linked a pyramid-play, when I was younger and even more naive Big Grin
I don't want to sound harsh, but your chances to win are close to zero anyway.
Also, Holy heck, that black optical drive looks terrible on the whole green pc case oO

RE: Swift PC Giveaway - Deltacon - 09-09-2013

I know my chances are low, but I still want to take a chance to win, lol.