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How unprofessional - Lee_Stricklin - 05-17-2010

Just took a look at I******c's facebook page today and it seems they have passion for dropping F bombs and just liberal use of profanity in general. These are the guys that got the rights to use the name of a GPL classic? It would be interesting if a Xonotic release just happened to coincide the release date of console N****z...

RE: How unprofessional - divVerent - 05-17-2010

Well, that is the image the authors of "Gh**** ***f" have to present to be believable.

Not even bad, PR-wise.

RE: How unprofessional - Lee_Stricklin - 05-17-2010

I wonder how many downloads Gh**** ***f is going to get lol Maybe they'll bribe G*** Sp*t for a good review.

RE: How unprofessional - CuBe0wL - 05-17-2010

Seriously guys, is that so interesting? This is like you're peeping on your ex, watching her every step, just to get mad every time she's with a new guy or has fun without you.
Come on, move along! We're more mature than that.

RE: How unprofessional - divVerent - 05-17-2010

That is my point too. I******c has a certain image, and possible use of swear words on their facebook page (I don't have an account there) fits their image. Looks very intentional.

Don't forget: we are not part of their target audience, and thus may find stuff they are doing weird.

RE: How unprofessional - paperclips - 05-17-2010

I do not want this kind of stuff (as in gossip/slander about other projects/people) in "my" xonotic-anything.

It just waste energy in a negative non-contributing fashion. That energy can be put to use in a positive way. So please, for the love of something soft and furry, keep that icky stuff away from at least me or preferably everything thats in contact with Xonotic in any way.

Cheers. Heart

RE: How unprofessional - kojn^ - 05-17-2010

Epic signature divVerent Big Grin

RE: How unprofessional - Halogene - 05-17-2010

I totally agree, also to kojn^ Big Grin

RE: How unprofessional - divVerent - 05-17-2010

Agreed. Should this thread be moved away? Already did some minor changes above to get this out from keyword searches.

RE: How unprofessional - Cuinnton - 05-17-2010

lol pwnage signature

RE: How unprofessional - CuBe0wL - 05-17-2010

[Image: 68416040x5den06ilocked.gif]