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[ Drive Mofo ] Vehicle CTF Server - end user - 09-13-2013

Was time to bring back my vehicle server with some different goodies.

Drive Mofo - Vehicle Server - CTF IP: eu.killer.xxx:26004

The gametype is CTF but its also includes Freezetag at the same time. How it works is if you get fragged you freeze and your team mates can unfreeze you. If the whole team is frozen then the team respawns. While you are frozen you can jump by holding down the directional keys. If you are high enough and you jump and hit the ground the ice will break.

Vehicles are allowed to capture flags and hold them along with scoring with the flag.

Vehicles can be stolen from the opposite team but you get flagged and it shows on the map.

There is a grenade that is used by using the hook button. You hit the button and hold the longer you hold the further it'll throw.

I've included the following player models. Ponys, Fox, Crystal and Renamon.

Currently the weapons are default Xonotic.

The following maps are included

Capturecity Xon
Capturecity Revisited
Facing WOrlds Evolved
Forts N Tower
Out of this world
Top of the world
Vehicing Worlds
Great Wall Revisited V2

RE: Drive Mofo - Vehicle Server - end user - 11-17-2013

Added two more maps for a total of 12 maps now. Will be adding more maps in the next week or so, stay tuned.

RE: Drive Mofo - Vehicle Server - end user - 11-27-2013

We now have a two modes of flag return

Auto Mode which is the standard game mode where the flag is automatically returned when a player touches it.
Manual Mode where the player has to carry the flag back to their base. This should make things a bit more exciting.

The return modes are set to votes. Shift+ESC then in the game terminal type in the votes below

vcall flagauto (this is default)
vcall flagmanual (for the new manual flag return mode)

RE: [ Drive Mofo ] Vehicle CTF Server - end user - 02-28-2014

Some updates.

I've added more maps to the server. Most are modified by me either by adding vehicle spawns or modifying the whole map.

battle_for_mofocity_v1r3 (Lolicity fully modifed)
double_death51_v1r2 (Death 51 fully modified)
evergreen_vehicles_v1 (Added vehicle spawns)
facing4mofos_v1r7 (4 team CTF map = mayham)
greatwall_vehicle_arena_v1 (Modifed with vehicles and modified wall)
HotBoxFlip_v1r3 (Box flip fully modified)

Some of you might get bent all out of shape by why I modified old maps and didn't create new ones, well there just isn't enough hours in the day to build maps from scratch and my I'm lacking in proper Net Radiant usage skills. On top of that vehicle maps need certain design style as not to draw too much map landscape and vehicles at once other wise FPS goes to hell.

RE: [ Drive Mofo ] Vehicle CTF Server - aa - 03-01-2014

yay! new second hand maps! with vehicles! yay!

RE: [ Drive Mofo ] Vehicle CTF Server - end user - 03-01-2014

(03-01-2014, 03:09 PM)aa Wrote: yay! new second hand maps! with vehicles! yay!

Yah love second hand new stuff. Should have more maps going soon Tongue