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Require a database designer/builder! - kojn^ - 09-27-2013

I'm looking for someone who has skills in database design and implementation. Nothing too snazzy but I preferably need someone who knows it to a decent level.

I've asked Antibody but he is too busy, so no one needs to suggest him Tongue

Basically I require a more professional standard of database then the one I currently made in access, as mine is pretty basic and I had to follow a guide to make it.

The task it's self is not that difficult, but I will require on-going support over at least a year for example when new queries, reports and charts etc need to be implemented. It wont be a lot of work, mainly I just need a database to log,store,analyse and breakdown my results via different queries.

Again for a competent designer it will not be a difficult task but it needs to be done to a good standard.

I'm willing to pay a small fee or offer a different angle on paying. Of course if you feel like helping for free that would be better Smile

I can discuss more indepth privately about what it is for etc

Anyone interested feel free to reply on the thread and I can discuss further on IRC/skype or by private message.

RE: Require a database designer/builder! - tZork - 09-28-2013

PM me something a little more detailed than those hazy buzzwords abt what you need and perhaps i'll be your man.

RE: Require a database designer/builder! - kojn^ - 10-01-2013

Hi tZork, thanks for the offer. PinkRobot has volunteered first to help me out Smile