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CTF Space Hockey - Acidphase - 10-09-2013


This is my first xonotic map, it's really more a learning exercise lol. It's just a large open CTF map basically.
Enjoy, more and better coming in the near future Smile


RE: CTF Space Hockey - machine! - 10-09-2013

Nice map!

RE: CTF Space Hockey - Mario - 10-09-2013

Nice work, though you packaged the .pk3 wrong.
The subdirectories (maps, sound etc) need to be at the root directory of the archive, not within another subdirectory.

Also, for the soundtrack: remove cdtracks.cfg & add the full track name minus file extension to the .mapinfo's cdtrack line, replacing 15. This will work better on servers.

RE: CTF Space Hockey - Acidphase - 10-09-2013

Ahh thanks , I was having trouble with that and it didn't make sense the way I did it but I followed the examples on the dev site lol

There fixed packaging thanks for the heads up, I packaged it right before I went to sleep last night...Not a good idea lol
Thank you for the head up Mario.
Oh and Thanks Machine Smile

RE: CTF Space Hockey - Justin - 10-09-2013

There is something wrong with the .map file... I think it's broken (?). Can you open the map in editor?

Some of the textures are missing:
[Image: xonotic20131009105825-00.jpg]
I like the models and trigger hurt field on the top. Good job for the first map! Have you been mapping for other games before?

RE: CTF Space Hockey - Acidphase - 10-09-2013

Are you sure your client is up to date?

I just loaded it. All seems fine on my end and haven't received any feedback regarding this from others.

Try updating if your using git: ./all update l -nl

I have made maps for UT over a decade ago this is the first time in years and using netradiant thanks Smile

Here's a very early sneak peak of my next map just got done with the layout time to fill in all the fun and texture it up lol.