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New Damn Small Xonotic (reloaded reloaded?) - monad - 10-17-2013

This is what I announced here.

My main objective was reducing the size, not optimizing for perfomance so I don't know is adequate for low end computers. Nevertheless it shouldn't be hard to run faster (replacing player models with boxes, r_showsurfaces 3...).



You will want to download dsx-0.7.0.zip (91MB). It doesn't include the executables so download the appropiate dsx-0.7.0-bin-myos.zip file. dsx-src.zip includes the build script which is well commented.

Obligatory screenshots:

[Image: W1qScps.jpg]
[Image: nXROsCD.jpg]
[Image: Ekm1V7Y.jpg]

RE: New Damn Small Xonotic (reloaded reloaded?) - Mr. Bougo - 10-17-2013

Thanks for this!

If you're familiar with git, you should consider hosting the script in github. That would be very useful in the future, to have reliable distributed backup and a possibility of rollback to older revisions. Dropbox links tend to die (relatively) very quickly (when the user removes the file to make space, or if the account gets suspended somehow...)

RE: New Damn Small Xonotic (reloaded reloaded?) - sev - 10-17-2013

Very nice. However, I think you could shave off another ~188KB from the data package with

7za a -tzip -mfb=258 -mpass=15


RE: New Damn Small Xonotic (reloaded reloaded?) - CireGr - 10-18-2013

Great thanks for this monad! Will check it out tomorrow when I get to my home computer.