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Mac OSX 10.9 (Possibly 10.8 as well) Video Issue - sirdavesmith - 10-24-2013

I'm using one of the latest Macbook Pro's on Mac OS X 10.9 to play Xonotic. As long as I'm connected to a secondary monitor, Xonotic will open up correctly and I can play the game with no issues. However, once I disconnect the secondary monitor (aka attempt to play at home vs a break at work) the video resolution ceases to work correctly. I'll be more specific:
- The video no longer takes up the whole laptop screen, it takes up a portion of it.
- The video is shifted to the right and vertically...it's not dead center in the screen with black borders or such. It's shifted so that half the game is out of my view....preventing me from interacting with the settings.
- If I connect a secondary monitor and then open Xonotic, all issues disappear...regardless of what resolution I set the game to.

The impact of this is simply that I can only play the game on a break at work lol. Would rather play it at home or anytime I want really. I'm not sure if this issue would have happened in OS X 10.8 as I never tried playing the game on just the laptop without the secondary monitor.