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Xonvote poll results revealed! - CuBe0wL - 11-11-2013

Hi all!

In an earlier announcement we've promised that the decisions of Team Xonotic will be more transparent towards the community, namely releasing the results of our decision making system aka Xonvote in a public RSS feed.
I'm happy to announce that zykure has assembled said RSS feed:
http://xonpickbot.designxenon.com:27500/feed (updated Nov 23 2014, Mr. Bougo)

You can also click on the polls to reveal a full summary about the votes given and comments of each team member who participated in that poll.
You can also find a full list about closed, passed, failed, tied and even vetoed polls, and the actual list of Team Xonotic members.

I'd also like to point out we'll release this information soon to a broader public too in the form of an official blog post about current development (aka. WoX-BloX #5!!!), I just wanted to release this information asap, because the blogpost is currently very WIP (but I want it to write till the end of November).

I truly hope with these polls and the results going public, you'll see and understand more about the inner workings of Team Xonotic, our motivs that drive our decisions, and by in that the end, the you'll get a more broader view on the things behind the courtain.

Thank you very much for zykure again for his awesome work, and for your attention too!

RE: Xonvote poll results revealed! - Mr. Bougo - 11-11-2013

I hope there's nothing too embarrassing in there!

Thanks for the work zykure, you've been incredibly open to suggestions and swift to implement changes. And thank you CuBe0wL for your reporting, as always Wink

RE: Xonvote poll results revealed! - CuBe0wL - 11-11-2013

(11-11-2013, 10:55 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: I hope there's nothing too embarrassing in there!

I already know about a few controversial polls, but I stand by my own choises.
Also, I forgot to mention, the feed only contains the last few polls, but everything else can be read on the site you can navigate from the links.